How to select the proper WordPress theme for your next project

The websites number is constantly growing and one of the factors that contributed to this situation is WordPress. The easiness of creating a website using this CMS is amazing and many people were fascinated by the fact that without being designers, they were able to launch and manage an online presence. Obviously, this situation was noticed by the developers and they offered new solutions of enhancing WordPress websites. One of the best modalities of transforming a website is to change the theme of it. Fortunately, we have tons of themes for everyone’s taste and it’s practically impossible for someone not to be satisfied. In this context is normal to ask yourself how to find the proper WordPress theme and not if you find it. The Internet is offering many possibilities of buying a WordPress theme and for the ones that don’t want to invest there are many free ones.
Selecting the best WordPress theme is a very challenging task no matter if you are an experienced designer or a common Internet user. Definitely, the best solution will be to select a timeless theme but the Internet is evolving extremely fast. The mobile browsing phenomenon existed few years ago, but it didn’t have the actual statute. I.e. in 2008 some people used Internet services via mobile phone, but reporting their number to the overall Internet users, they represented a negligible proportion. Nowadays the situation is very different and it determined a complex change regarding the modalities of building websites.
Unless a new ultra-revolutionary CMS is launched, we believe that WordPress will be the base of countless future websites. Of course, anytime people will need WordPress themes and we decided to share with you some tips regarding the buying of the best suitable themes for your projects.

1.The theme must match to the owner

If you search for a new WordPress theme, then it’s highly recommended to keep in your mind that the respective theme should be bought because you need it and not because you like it. Many people show no respect to this idea and sometimes the consequences are disastrous. Undoubtedly, it’s a big difference between what is needed and what is liked. Therefore, a WordPress theme should be selected by taking into account the necessities. As the great Roman orator Cicero said, the power of example is amazing: let’s suppose that someone should select a WordPress theme for a financial institution, but he/she is madly in love with a theme very suitable for a blog. Could the last theme be the most awesome one, but would it be a good solution? I am in doubt about…
Maybe some readers consider that the respective theme may be customized. Well, customization process supposes the making of some fine tunings, while adapting a blog theme to one suitable for banking websites is another complete story.
The conclusion: choose a theme that is appropriate for what you need!

2.Don’t ever ignore the visitors

It’s not enough to select a theme that is suitable to the owner activity field. Every website is created and launched for visitors, so you can’t ignore them. The selected theme must be usable and accessible, else the users will encounter various issues and they will instantly abandon the website. A very good approach is to try as much as possible to imitate the behavior of the common user. Apparently, it seems difficult to realize this “transformation”, but it’s not rocket science! Imagine why an individual will would visit the website and what he needs more.

3.Check the anterior activities of the seller

Selecting a WordPress theme is a very time consuming activity, but none allows wasting time. Sooner or later, few themes are selected in the final phase and choosing the winning one is very close. Before choosing the theme, it’s a good idea to check the previous activities of the seller. How to check the seller? It’s simple, send an email to NSA and they will provide his full resume!!! Just kidding, there are many other solutions.
Many themes marketplaces have a very good system of rating the WordPress theme providers. The past clients have the possibility of rating the theme bought and of course, they are free to comment regarding the product or the seller. These are precious indicators of the quality level of the product to buy. If you buy the theme directly from the creator, you may check the portfolio testimonials. Anyway, checking the seller isn’t a facultative activity if you care about your money!

4.Customer support is crucial

The perfect WordPress theme wasn’t still created; each one has at least a flaw. This fact shouldn’t demotivate, it’s normal, it’s made by a human being and “errare humanum est“. In fact, many WordPress themes developers constantly offer new updates in order to improve the eventual bugs and mistakes. Customer support and the contact with the creators are essential when encountering various issues; therefore it must be another factor in the final equation of picking the right theme.

5.Responsiveness is a must and not a fade

Previously, it was mentioned about the new web design approach determined by the smartphones and handheld devices. The designers call it responsive design. The responsive websites have the great advantage that these are perfectly rendered regardless the screen size of the devices. Under these circumstances, it’s absolutely normal to ask for a responsive WordPress theme, any other solution being out if question. The statics reveals that mobile browsing exponentially grew and the lack of a responsive website is very similar to an “online suicidal”.
Fortunately, we have posted some interesting articles presenting the best WordPress themes and you can check these. Much more, we showcased some more “exotic” types of themes, therefore you have plenty of opportunities. We wish you good luck in picking the right theme and let us know if the tips above were useful for you!