Weighing The Options For A Home Office

As more and more firms permit telecommuting and a growing number of self-employed tech workers operate from home as well, it may have crossed your mind to bring your operations home, or to opt out of securing an outside space as your sideline project grows. There’s no doubt that home offices save in everything from efficiency to […]

Is Cloud Computing important for Small Bussinesses?

Why is Cloud Computing Good for Small Businesses? Small businesses have many of the same storage needs as large corporations – it has to be safe, cost-effective, and reliable. This is the single most important part of any small operation in the 21st century.  There are many reasons to use cloud computing over any other […]

Proper Media Placement

Images and videos can add a lot to a blog or social networking site, but it is possible to ruin your website’s layout with poor media placement. Unfortunately, not many people understand this. For example, back in MySpace’s heyday it was all too easy to come across a garishly designed profile page that was so […]

5 Tips for Great Graphics Files

Advertising and entertainment are both full of vibrant pictures and compelling imagery. Graphics inform, entice, educate and entertain. Nowhere is our visual focus more obvious than online. Deciding on graphics for your website or plug-in can be difficult, but here are some tips for great graphics files to consider: Resolution  Most of the graphics online […]

Unique Ways to Make Use of Stock Photography

Stock photography can be an asset to websites if used correctly. The most popular images on stock photo websites have often appear elsewhere hundreds or even thousands of times. Some, such as “woman laughing alone with salad,” have become so cliché that they are now considered humorous. These overused images can give a website a […]

New iOS Applications for App Developers

As of 2012, the Apple AppStore has over 700,000 applications, which can make finding specific apps to help you finish your own app project difficult, especially if the app you are looking for is new. You could spend hours sorting through the different apps to find the one that will add the feature you need, […]

Free icons with Freepik

When you’re working on that important graphic design project, whether it’s for a new website or a smartphone user interface, it pays to have as many valuable and relevant resources as possible. These resources include a variety of related graphics. It costs time and effort to create many of these graphics yourself, and it costs […]