FAQ Page Best Practices

Typically posted and left to gather dust, the FAQ page represents an outstanding opportunity to engage potential customers, as well as display your personality and score conversions for your online bookstore. Oh, by the way, adhering to these FAQ page best practices will also cut down on the number of disgruntled customers you have, relieve […]

How to Create a More Innovative Culture at a Traditional Company

In some ways, a traditional company can be great. The concept of a traditional company evokes ideas of something tried and true, and something that’s followed a formula of success over many years or even many decades. Many family-owned businesses and long-standing corporations are often considered traditional in many ways. At the same time, it’s […]

4 Tips To Better Engage With Your Email Subscribers

Having an email list of subscribers is one thing, but actually engaging with those email subscribers is something else entirely. In fact, there’s literally no point to having an email list to begin with if you don’t engage with your subscribers. If engaging with your email subscribers is something you’ve been struggling with lately, there’s […]

As Cyber Threats Continue to Mount, It’s Time to Beef Up Your Security Measures

Cloud storage adoption is on the rise, which makes security critical. High-profile data breaches are often in the headlines. This is why it is imperative for businesses and IT teams to understand that security is a proactive, two-way street. According to Gartner, information security spending is expected to surpass $113 billion by 2020. Security can get […]

Simple Ways To Boost Traffic To Your e-Commerce Site in 2017

Regardless of the type of e-Commerce site you operate, be it a full-blown site with thousands or products, or a small craft shop where you sell handmade items online, it’s important that you have a steady flow of traffic. The more traffic, the more sales you’re likely to get. That seems easy enough, right? That […]

Not Getting Results? 2 Tweaks To Make Your Website Better

You’re disappointed. You had high hopes of building a flourishing site, but things didn’t pan out as expected. It’s confusing too. After all, you followed the playbook on how to set up a successful site, content, and business model. You should have success because your research shows that your idea should do well. You also […]

Effective Ways To Use Content Marketing For Link Building Purposes

Content marketing is nowadays something that is really useful for business owners from all around the world. This is due to so many reasons, including the fact that it can generate links for a website. Most businessmen already know how valuable this is but do not use content marketing to generate those valuable links. A […]

Comparing Website Builder Themes

There are many things to consider when selecting a website builder. Cost, usability, ease of customization, are all factors. But one of the most important things to consider is how good your website can look with the use of a website builder. Most website builders have anywhere from a few to thousands of themes to […]

7 Characteristics of a Successful Website

A typical visitor leaves a web page approximately twenty seconds after clicking to it. The visitor quickly scans the initial content of the page and then bounces to the next site until he/she finds what they’re seeking withing those first crucial seconds. However, if your web-page is instantly deemed valuable, it will spark the visitor’s […]

Driving Your Offline Community Fundraising Using Online Techniques

There are all kinds of ways you can find yourself involved in community fundraising. Perhaps your child’s school or scout group is trying to raise money for new resources and wants parents to pitch in and help, or a club, hobby group or church you belong to needs to get hold of some funds. Perhaps […]