Proof That WordPress Can Adapt to Any Industry

bandOn this Memorial Day week, we ran across an article that appeared on advising band members and managers how to start their own WordPress sites. Yes, even rockers can get into the act on WordPress along with the rest of us, which was proof enough of how dynamic the content system we all know and love can really be.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a portfolio or a photo book or a rock band’s website; the process is the same. However, let’s follow The Music Void’s example to see if we can discover what about WordPress is particularly important in that industry compared to others you might be familiar with.

After a band figures out what their URL will be, which is likely just their name, it’s time to find a WordPress theme that suits them best. But, what traits are important when it comes to selecting a band’s WordPress theme? As the site put it, consider “the genre which you/your band plays, the image you want to evoke, the style you want to convey, [and] the practicality of employing these on your WordPress site.”

For example, a country band may want to use country-related images, while a particularly dark band may want to employ a not-so-vibrant color scheme. The layout and look will likely depend in large part on what the band actually is.

Then there’s content. If you’re a band trying to get the word out about your existence, The Music Void recommended that a video appear on the home page: “A video or sound-byte would be the ideal choice as far as initial presentation is concerned. If you do include this for your index page, make sure to have options to turn it off and also have options to adjust the volume.” Nothing is more embarrassing than navigating to a web page while at work only to have music blare through the computer’s speakers.

Other content that’s important to bands specifically is an “About Us” section, according to the same site, so visitors know all about a band and can easily contact them. The Music Void added, “Band sites are rich with audio-visual content and customization is key to getting your name out there. Becoming popular and getting work is everything for a band and you should customize your site in order to be unique.” We’d recommend including tour dates and live show information if these exist as well.

wp-showThere’s a WordPress theme we’ve reviewed here on ThemeSquirrel called WP Show (pictured) that includes an oversized video player on its main page. If you’re a band or any entertainment entity, using a theme that features video heavily, as we just learned, is quite important. The WP Show theme includes a featured video carousel and supports text posts. offers music-related features including a song player, tour dates, social media involvement, video embeds, and mailing lists. Apparently, WordPress powers the websites of artists like Snoop Lion, Xzibit, and The Gap Theory, just to name a few.

One of the most popular hosting solutions among websites we saw suggested that bands set up their own domains using BlueHost, which offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. There’s optimized hosting for WordPress starting at $34.99 per month. There are also plans that cost a few bucks.

It’s interesting how many industries the WordPress concept can adapt to. Each industry values different marketing tools and, with the right theme, WordPress can bring each desired feature to the forefront of a site. Whether a business thrives by showcasing videos, audio, images, text, or a calendar, for example, there’s a WordPress theme that fills the need.