With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Is All Set to Rule CMS

Image from here. One word that can describes WordPress is “evolution.” WordPress has evolved from being a mere blogging tool to a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) leaving behind its so-called, sophisticated counterparts like Drupal and Joomla. You might be shocked to know the fact WordPress powers nearly 60+ million websites across the globe and […]

Monetizing A WordPress Blog

Once your blog has reached some level of popularity, either within its niche or more broadly, the question arises: how are we going to make some money from this? Blogging at a small scale is cheap, the writers and editors usually work for free, and WordPress hosting is inexpensive. But, the more popular a blog […]

Best WordPress Plugins 2012 – Top 40 plug-ins by sales

WordPress now powers one of every five websites on the internet. This growth is driven by ease of use and flexibility provided by WordPress plugins. As the year comes to a close we decided to review the best WordPress plugins of 2012, ranked by overall sales. There are obviously lots of great free plugins as […]

Best WordPress Gallery Plugins 2012

1. Justified Image Grid – Premium WordPress Gallery Here is an excellent plug-in for WordPress galleries that that enables developers to easily align thumbnail images into a conveniently justified grid. This process is made available through jQuery. Justified Image Grid offers over 50 settings and up to 10 presets, Lightboxes, prettyPhoto, multiple image sources, contextual […]

New WordPress Gallery Plugins for 2012

1. WordPress STL 3D Viewer Shortcode This useful WordPress gallery plugin is known as WordPress STL 3D Viewer Shortcode and offers designers the ability to embed a 3-D like object in a WordPress post. The best part is that this is all possible with one simple line of shortcode. This plug-in is ideal for accurately […]

20 new WordPress eCommerce Plugins Review for 2012

1. ZaakPay Gateway for JigoShop This WordPress ecommerce plug-in is designed specifically to simplify payments in India. ZaakPay is intended for integrating in online business with an intranet merchant account. What makes this plug-in so unique is that it is designed to deliver the fastest merchant account approval of any payment gateway in India.

Top 10 WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2012 – Most Popular

Let’s look at the 10 best WordPress ecommerce plug-ins for 2012, based upon sales to date. E-commerce combined with the power of WordPress offers the ability to create streams of revenue beyond imagination.