Is Your Web Store Ready To Sell EU Wide?

If you have a business that sells products online, and you currently focus only on selling in your own country, it can be a good idea to consider broadening your marketing and sales approaches to bring in more potential business from the EU as a whole. After all, one of the main reasons the EU […]

How To Compose SSL With Merchant Account?

It can be said that a merchant account is not a typical account like saving or any other account. It is however like a contract between you and your bank. Now people prefer to use credit or debit card payments instead of using hard cash. So if you also want to have the facility in […]

Monetizing A WordPress Blog

Once your blog has reached some level of popularity, either within its niche or more broadly, the question arises: how are we going to make some money from this? Blogging at a small scale is cheap, the writers and editors usually work for free, and WordPress hosting is inexpensive. But, the more popular a blog […]

20 new WordPress eCommerce Plugins Review for 2012

1. ZaakPay Gateway for JigoShop This WordPress ecommerce plug-in is designed specifically to simplify payments in India. ZaakPay is intended for integrating in online business with an intranet merchant account. What makes this plug-in so unique is that it is designed to deliver the fastest merchant account approval of any payment gateway in India.

Top 10 WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2012 – Most Popular

Let’s look at the 10 best WordPress ecommerce plug-ins for 2012, based upon sales to date. E-commerce combined with the power of WordPress offers the ability to create streams of revenue beyond imagination.