Optimize Your Website for 2013: 5 SEO Plug-ins You Need Today!

The Internet and You The Internet has opened doors for society as commerce, and social interactions evolve into a new frontier. Site survival depends upon the traffic that a site receives. The use of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become one of the leading choices for driving traffic. A stronger connection with the search […]

Monetizing A WordPress Blog

Once your blog has reached some level of popularity, either within its niche or more broadly, the question arises: how are we going to make some money from this? Blogging at a small scale is cheap, the writers and editors usually work for free, and WordPress hosting is inexpensive. But, the more popular a blog […]

Best Opencart Plugins of 2013 – Extensions Reviewed

When building a website, anything that makes things go faster and smoother is more than welcome. Themes are one way to really speed things up with the look and feel of the site, but plugins are where it all comes together. From plugins that make the owner’s admin panel more productive to those that make […]

Most Popular iOS Apps 2013

Using apps is a worldwide phenomenon, as they make work and life more convenient by giving you the information you need within a few seconds. Whether you want an app to make your work tasks more efficient, or want to find apps to develop your own app building skills, you’ll find more than 700,000 options […]

New HTML5 Plugins 2013

1. Towards The Web HTML5 Video Player Towards The Web HTML5 Video Player gives you the opportunity to add videos to your webpage. These videos can also be displayed on mobile devices. Built with HTML5, this plugin offers a multitude of excellent features, including the ability to save volume level for future visits, a dynamic […]

Top 13 ASP.NET Plugins 2013

1 – Image Resizer – ASP.NET Resize your images more efficiently with this ASP.net plugin. Among other things, this plugin prevents you from adding long lines of code to manage your web project images. This powerful app saves on your configuration time and offers automatic resizing of images for your own web developing projects. Administrators […]

12 Cool Apps & Scripts of 2013

2013 is upon us, so we thought we would give you a list of 12 cool apps & scripts designed to make yours, and you client’s lives, a little bit easier… 1. WHMCS AJAX Login If you use WHMCS to handle the task of billing and client management for your business, then you can implement […]

15 Android Apps for App Creators 2013

Creating Android apps can be very lucrative. They can be sold in app stores, offered on websites, given away to existing customers, offered as free gifts or options for loyal readers and more. But many web developpers, bloggers, and designers stay away from app building, believing it to be too complicated and requiring too much […]

2013’s Most Popular HTML5 Plugins

Let’s face, plugins just make our lives easier. You know this, we know this – and we love helping out! Check out the following list of 2013’s most popular HTML5 plugins…all designed to with ease in mind: 1. HTML 5 AJAX Contact Form One of the most popular HTML5 plug-ins is this AJAX contact form. […]

New CSS Plugins to Utilize in 2013

2013 will bring about many changes – and the coding world will have theirs as well. Make your life easier with this list of CSS Plugins to Utilize in 2013: 1. Sinuous Buttons Kit Any designer or developer looking for an amazing set of buttons should look no further than the Sinuous Simple Buttons Kit. […]