How to know if your Child is being bullied online?

Cyber bullying is a major issue faced by teenagers these days. There is a lot of awareness among people regarding online connectivity and cyber bullying is the biggest factor in creating unsafe environment for children. Spying on your children is not bad because it enables you to know about them. It is feasible to get […]

7 Reasons Why Your Website Has to Work on a Mobile Phone

Being on the go is the way that most people operate today. Being on the go means that you will not always have the space that you would like to carry a large personal laptop. In lieu of a laptop, most people will carry around other devices. Some of these are mobile phones or tablets. […]

5 Best BlackBerry Apps for Graphic Designers

New technologies are making life much simpler for graphic designers, and there are some great apps available for controlling your business, getting your life in order and succeeding in the graphic design field. It also can help build your brand. Here are the five best BlackBerry apps for graphic designers. 1. Palettes Lite Image via┬á […]

Most Popular iOS Apps 2013

Using apps is a worldwide phenomenon, as they make work and life more convenient by giving you the information you need within a few seconds. Whether you want an app to make your work tasks more efficient, or want to find apps to develop your own app building skills, you’ll find more than 700,000 options […]

15 Android Apps for App Creators 2013

Creating Android apps can be very lucrative. They can be sold in app stores, offered on websites, given away to existing customers, offered as free gifts or options for loyal readers and more. But many web developpers, bloggers, and designers stay away from app building, believing it to be too complicated and requiring too much […]

Most Popular Titanium Apps and App creators of 2012

1. WpApp: iPhone App for WordPress Specifically designed for iPhones, this app has a Database cache, a pull to refresh feature, 20 different color skins, Admob module, i18n localization, unlimited categories and is easy to customize. It is a WordPress plugin for viewing of WordPress pages and posts. This mobile app increases visitor loyalty and […]

Most Popular Native Mobile Web Apps of 2012

1. Mobile Store Locator Here is a great plug-in that allows users to locate their favorite stores as well as a variety of other important information. Mobile Store Locator uses a built-in API to fetch and display a list of stores and detailed information about each store. However, Mobile Store Locator goes even further than […]