20 simple, light but cool JavaScript plugins

People are terribly wrong thinking that a website is a static entity. Many consider that once a website is made online, it doesn’t need maintenance. The reality proves that the situation is very different; in fact keeping a website updated requires many constant endeavors. Much more, the small tweaks seem to be part of the […]

20 stunning sliders to impress your visitors

The huge endeavors of the web design community sometimes act as a boomerang for its members. The websites are looking good and are satisfying the highest demands, therefore any new website should be crafted, at least, at the same standards. Under these circumstances the role of a web designer is pretty ingrate, he must always […]

Best New JavaScript Plugins of 2012

1. Instant Website & Blog Translator Instead of having to rely on Google Translate or any other external website translator, why not install a fast JavaScript plugin translator right on your webpage? This is what Instant Website & Blog Translator offers to developers or for those in search of an effective and versatile translation solution […]

15 best Javascript plugins of 2012

RoyalSlider Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery The RoyalSlider is a powerhouse Javascript plugin full of image gallery scripts featuring a staggering eleven different templates coded in jQuery, encompassing virtually every gallery design found on the web. Every template offers a responsive interface and a clear way to navigate the contained content, and each comes with a […]