How to know if your Child is being bullied online?

Cyber bullying is a major issue faced by teenagers these days. There is a lot of awareness among people regarding online connectivity and cyber bullying is the biggest factor in creating unsafe environment for children. Spying on your children is not bad because it enables you to know about them. It is feasible to get […]

Quick Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

A blog is a personal thing for many people, kind of like an online diary. It is a cathartic place to off-load and share difficult experiences with anonymous strangers. For other people, particularly businesses, creating and maintaining a blog is done purely for SEO purposes. But whatever your reasons for building a blog, without a […]

How to Track Analytics and AdWords in WordPress

If you have a WordPress site, you’re probably quite familiar with Google AdWords and Analytics. However, what you may not be aware of is that you can link the two together in order to track your AdWords campaign by using Google Analytics. However, for many site owners this can prove quite difficult, as there isn’t […]

Is Your Web Store Ready To Sell EU Wide?

If you have a business that sells products online, and you currently focus only on selling in your own country, it can be a good idea to consider broadening your marketing and sales approaches to bring in more potential business from the EU as a whole. After all, one of the main reasons the EU […]

Take Your WordPress Design to the Next Level

Choosing design firms to work with when it comes to designing and maintaining your website can be difficult. There are countless companies offering a huge range of services and even wider range of pricing – how can you be sure you’re choosing the right design firms and how can you be sure they’ll be able […]

20 simple, light but cool JavaScript plugins

People are terribly wrong thinking that a website is a static entity. Many consider that once a website is made online, it doesn’t need maintenance. The reality proves that the situation is very different; in fact keeping a website updated requires many constant endeavors. Much more, the small tweaks seem to be part of the […]

20 themes, templates and plugins for a creative agency website

Internet is no longer a place for information exchange, even though this was the initial purpose of the Internet creators. Nowadays, the online environment is turning, more and more, into a realm of entrepreneurs. Altogether, the Internet is an unlimited informational resource and all of us are free to use it. The huge Internet growing […]

20 extremely useful plugins for an online store

Creating and maintaining an online store is a common but challenging activity. The Internet is a place for businesses and the online stores are the most obvious evidences. The statistics reveal that more and more entrepreneurs will invest in various online affairs. It means that the web designers must treat more seriously how to design […]

Wait, You Have to Update Your WordPress Plugins?

We’re about to blow your mind, so make sure you’re buckled in. Are you ready? Are you ready to have your world rocked and turned upside down? If you have plugins installed on your WordPress site, make sure to update them. I know, it’s mind numbing, right? Apparently, not everyone updates their various programs, plugins, […]

20 stunning sliders to impress your visitors

The huge endeavors of the web design community sometimes act as a boomerang for its members. The websites are looking good and are satisfying the highest demands, therefore any new website should be crafted, at least, at the same standards. Under these circumstances the role of a web designer is pretty ingrate, he must always […]