New WordPress Gallery Plugins for 2012

WordPress STL 3D Viewer Plugin
1. WordPress STL 3D Viewer Shortcode

This useful WordPress gallery plugin is known as WordPress STL 3D Viewer Shortcode and offers designers the ability to embed a 3-D like object in a WordPress post. The best part is that this is all possible with one simple line of shortcode. This plug-in is ideal for accurately representing 3-D type objects and their associated information. The plug-in is a perfect gallery complement for professionals such as engineers, architects, and anyone else desiring a 3-D functionality that is related to printing. It is driven by HTML 5/JavaScript technology and can actually run inside your browser and is not system intensive and therefore uses limited system resources. Some of the amazing features included with WordPress STL 3D Viewer Shortcode include full support for binary files as well as ASCI STL files, along with a simple and lightweight JavaScript styled 3-D type engine. It is HTML5 driven with full 3-D technology and offers stunning visualizations. This plug-in for WordPress provides several rendering modes, which are attractive, accurate and fast to implement. These modes include flat, smooth, wireframe and points. Discover the unbridled power of this incredible 3-D technology plug-in that will take your galleries to a whole new level of creativity, making it one of the best WordPress gallery plugins.

FlickrBox - WordPress Flickr Plugin and Gallery Widget
2. FlickrBox – WordPress Gallery and Widget Gallery is a handy little plug-in for WordPress that offers a host of easy shortcode implementations, as well as Flickr photostreams, system sets and search queries. Other powerful features include set image size and quantity, optional titles, image pop-out effect for mouse-over, image lightbox/fancy box, as well as multicolumn layout and customizable layout features. FlickrBox – WordPress Gallery and Widget allows designers and developers to create a display fully incorporated with galleries in WordPress. In addition, the plug-in allows for a set number of photos to show, is mobile ready and tested on a number of mobile devices. This gallery plug-in is functional across a wide range of browser platforms and is highly functional. It comes with full documentation and good customer support services. FlickrBox will allow a designer to create a page gallery or post gallery that will efficiently display photos from a Flickr account. This gallery plug-in for WordPress is a powerful way to increase the functionality and usability of your website for your users. It offers designers and developers the opportunity to make their sites highly intuitive and highly visual. Discover this great little plug-in for WordPress today.

Pics Mash - Image Rating Tool
3. Pics Mash Image Rating Tool

Pics Mash is also a handy plug-in for WordPress gallery type platforms that offers the capability to create face mash image rating options. It offers users the ability to discover which media image on a WordPress website is indeed the best. It instantly recognizes millions of people featured in the hit movie known as the “Social Network.” The true power of this simple plug-in is in its ability to increase page views by up to 10-fold. It allows website owners to fully engage their visitors with highly intuitive and highly visual website images. In addition, Pics Mash Image Rating Tool offers users the ability to incorporate the ELO rating system into their image rating process. The main thrust of this plug-in is simply to find out and discover which image is indeed the best. It offers the unique ability to clearly and easily improve social sharing functionality and overall user and visitor engagement. In addition, it offers the ability to view each image in the Pics Mash game and comment functionality while also being able to share and tweet it. The primary goal always being to better engage website visitors with your eye-catching and inspiring photos. The plug-in is derived from the original concept by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and has incredible functionality and potential.

FlipBook v5 - WordPress Gallery Plugin
4. FlipBook v5 – WordPress Plugin

Here is a useful WordPress plug-in for gallery type websites that offers such templates as WordPress and HTML5 Template Victoria, XML Flip Book v5, XML FlipBook – Bundle, WordPress and HTML5 Business TheSame Template, Professional Photographer Portfolio, Flash Site Template XML with FlipBook v15, Flash Site Template XML with FlipBook v14, as well as a host of other attractive and highly functional templates. In addition, the plug-in has a wide range of banners for websites, play movie, play sound, gallery, Facebook fan page, calendar, menu, flash utilities, flash news, in addition to others. The plug-in offers a full range of browser compatibility and is functional across a wide range of devices, including mobile and tablet devices. FlipBook v5 – WordPress Plugin is robust yet lightweight and comes with full documentation, in addition to offering customer support and overall ease of use. Designers and developers will appreciate this useful and creative plug-in application for WordPress. The plug-in also offers a number of shortcodes and video tutorials showing how easy it is to add shortcodes to virtually any part of the theme.

Canyon Gallery - WP Grand FIAgallery Skin
5. Canyon Gallery – WP GRAND FlAGallery Skin

This very useful and fully functional WordPress gallery plug-in allows for simple and lightweight generation of shortcodes totally within the confines of the shortcode editor. In addition, it allows for automatic insertion into virtually any post or page with a couple of simple steps. The insert gallery function is done via a widget or with shortcodes. The layout is highly responsive and allows for displaying in a gallery an unlimited number of images without any degradation to overall site performance. In addition, the plug-in offers support for multi-categories, as well as having the ability to watch the gallery in a full-screen type mode via the full window mode functionality. It offers the ability to simply and effortlessly change all gallery settings directly from the intuitive control panel. It also features FIT or FILL displaying mode for images, the ability to change thumbnail size of images, change colors, change button titles, add titles and descriptions to each image, allows for deep linking, offers the ability to sort images in a number of different ways, as well as offers the ability to bulk resize images. Canyon Gallery – WP GRAND FlAGallery Skin is a great way to add form and functionality to your already attractive WordPress gallery themed website. Try it today!

Instagram Gallery - WordPress Instagram Plugin Widget
6. Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Instagram Plugin

Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Plugin is a great tool that offers non-conflicting functionality when integrated with other plug-ins. The plug-in is completely user-friendly and offers an interface that is simple and easy to integrate. In addition, Instagram offers gallery viewable functionality with fancy color box, excellent customer support along with free upgrades, server-side caching capability, thumbs fully adjustable with CSS, full multi-widget functionality and support, as well as a host of other valuable features. In addition, designers and developers have the ability to implement multiple widgets at one time on the same page. Designers are able to choose from a variety of thumb sizes, color box slideshow views, as well as limit the number of images to be displayed and images per on page row. There is even a tool to find a user ID for a specific Instagram. Installation of this plug-in is simple, intuitive and easy and allows for the ability to update the API key. Designers and developers alike will enjoy Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Plugin. One of the great WordPress gallery plugins to take for a spin today.

Alpine PhotoCube for Flickr
7. Alpine PhotoCube for Flickr

This plug-in for WordPress is highly customizable and features up to 10 3-D type styles and 6 additional 2-D type styles. The plug-in is fully compatible across a wide array of browsers and devices including mobile devices such as iPhone and tablets. The plug-in is also HTML 5 and Jquery enabled, offering the ability to fetch images from Flickr feeds and render these images in a dynamic and highly customizable slideshow that is fully 3-D capable with full functionality. Alpine PhotoCube for Flickr allows users to display their image style in the form of 2-D slideshow, 3-D cube, and 3-D slice box. It also offers the functionality to crop images to perfectly fit a photo cube or display un-cropped images with background colors. In addition, it allows for a full 2-D slideshow animation feature in 6 different variations. It also offers a play and pause button, customizable timing and delay functions as well as a host of other highly useful features. The plug-in comes with full documentation and customer support and is highly functional across all platforms. Discover the power of Alpine PhotoCube for Flickr and see how amazing your website can truly be; it’s ideal for those looking to create a unique and highly visual website.

EZ Masonry Portfolio
8. EZ Masonry Portfolio

EZ Masonry Portfolio offers the ability to display portfolio or posts, full control column width options, PrettyPhoto option, and jQuery overlay, show titles, hide titles, show excerpts, hide excerpts, custom slugs, including a wide range of other useful widgets. In addition, EZ Masonry Portfolio gives designers and developers alike the uncanny ability to display a portfolio or recent posts in style. Other features include the ability to choose to display posts or control the “slug” of the items to suit your site or particular work. It also offers the functionality to display work in a nifty wall style. This gives designers the ability to fully control what is displayed such as buttons, titles or excerpts. This also offers a great opportunity to overlay or use Lightbox options. This highly useful and intuitive plug-in for WordPress galleries offers designers and developers a number of powerful tools to enhance their website creations. The plug-in is robust and fully functional and includes full customer support. Discover this clever and useful plug-in today and take your website to new and exciting heights.

WP Gallery Builder - WordPress Gallery Plugin
9. WP Gallery Builder

Here is a great plug-in that offers responsive layout, swipe action for touch devices, drag-and-drop builder, CSS3 transitions video support, external links, as well as Lightbox preview. WP Gallery Builder features two sections including gallery editor and gallery player. In version 2.0 the responsive layout gallery player allows the user to display the gallery items created in view. This plug-in is responsive via shortcodes that are generated from the editor view panel. Gallery player works perfectly with both post and page configurations. In addition, gallery editor gives designers the ability to upload images into editor view and create a beautiful collage style gallery. By incorporating drag-and-drop features designers can use editor view to resize, reposition, snap, and apply borders as well as drop shadows. Designers looking for a functional collage style gallery should look no further than WP Gallery Builder. The plug-in features fully responsive layout implementation, android and iOS support, as well as other key device features. Try WP Gallery Builder and increase your website’s functionality almost immediately. Not all plug-ins are created equal, and this plug-in in particular offers much in the way of added functionality to any WordPress Gallery theme or template.

WordPress Banner Rotator Slideshow Plugin
10. WordPress Banner Rotator / Slideshow Plugin

WordPress Banner Rotator / Slideshow Plugin offers Jquery banner rotation, an easy way to create image slideshows, as well as unique banner rotators. Some of the powerful features found in this plug-in include different image transition effects, fade, horizontal and vertical slide, as well as a wide range of other useful features. The plug-in also offers designers the ability to load unlimited numbers of images, customizable text box, tooltip functionality, and hyperlink functionality. It also offers an image text box that supports HTML tags and plain text. The plug-in can be set to autoplay or start-up with customizable time delay for each image. Its functionality fully supports swipe type navigation on mobile devices and other mobile platforms. It is able to display a variety of banner rotators, and uses simple shortcode to easily display banner rotations. In addition, this plug-in is able to arrange images in a set order or shuffle images in random style. WordPress Banner Rotator / Slideshow Plugin Gives designers and developers alike the opportunity to add incredible functionality to their website creations. Those seeking a unique WordPress plug-in designed to enhance galleries will enjoy this particular product. Try WordPress Banner Rotator / Slideshow Plugin today.

Baboo WordPress Background Slider
11. Baboo – WordPress Background Slider

Baboo WordPress Background Slider is a simple yet powerful plug-in for WordPress that offers a great deal of functionality. For example, the plug-in offers the ability to show and hide the progression bar, show and hide controls, show and hide title, show and hide overlay, as well as upload unlimited slots. In addition, this robust and fully functional plug-in offers the ability to upload a users overlay styles to make each and every slider unique and customized. The Baboo WordPress Background Slider plug-in is fully functional, highly responsive and robust. It includes full and detailed documentation as well as efficient customer support services. Easy to use and simple to install, it gives designers and developers the opportunity to create a background slider and for all their WordPress creations. This particular plug-in makes slider creation and implementation simple and easy, resulting in highly attractive websites. Discover the utility and usability of this gallery style plug-in known as Baboo WordPress Background Slider today.

Showcase - WordPress Gallery Plugin
12. Showcase – WordPress Gallery Plugin

Showcase – WordPress Gallery Plugin is billed as the best WordPress gallery plug-in. This powerful plug-in is designed to make uploading, editing, and ordering your images simple, intuitive and easy to accomplish. In addition, this fully functional and highly responsive plug-in will have your gallery looking beautiful and eye-catching with the functionality of Lightbox slideshows. Features and functions of this plug-in include full documentation, automatic upgrades, drag-and-drop ordering, simple and intuitive gallery creation and management, a variety of different layout modes, custom thumbnail sizing, the ability to create virtually unlimited galleries, full short code support, full template tag support, and the ability to upload images or simply use existing WordPress gallery images. Showcase – WordPress Gallery Plugin gives designers and developers the ability to create flexible image functionality, as well as fancy Lightbox slideshows. For the simplest and most intuitive system designed for uploading, ordering and editing a wide variety of images, the creators of beautiful websites should look no further than Showcase – WordPress Gallery Plugin. Expect full customer support and a high-quality product with this important and useful plug-in for a variety of galleries.

Social Gallery - WordPress Photograph Plugin
13. Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin

Those looking for a powerful social media type plug-in will truly enjoy the unique and clever design of Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin. This great plug-in has been recently updated and offers a number of existing high-quality features as well as new and improved features. For example, this plug-in includes Facebook style Lightbox, the ability to engage your users, the ability to acquire more likes and more shares, the ability to receive comments on your images, the ability to leverage your existing photos, in addition to being able to replace your old light box. Other important features include better media navigation, multiple browser support, search engine optimization friendly plug-in functionality, the ability to add custom HTML, as well as being fully customizable. In addition, this plug-in also gives designers the ability to upload and install in just a few minutes. The plug-in also features lightweight JavaScript and the ability to leverage existing blog posts. Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin is billed as the ultimate WordPress type Facebook plug-in intended for photo viewing. With quick and simple installation, users are able to immediately view a complete Facebook type gallery. Designers and developers looking for a powerful social media plug-in for their gallery style WordPress website should consider this fully functional plug-in for their most prized projects.

LBGallery - Gallery WordPress Plugin
14. LBGallery for WordPress

LBGallery for WordPress is a useful and intuitive plug-in that offers the ability to create multi-galleries, upload media in bulk, automatically create thumb to fit container width, rate images and galleries, implement unlimited numbers of shortcodes on a post or page, as well as offering full support for a variety of browsers. In addition, this plug-in offers the ability to create multi-effects for thumbnail mouseover, implement 3 styles of rating store, support ratings for galleries and images, defined rows and columns, define a predetermined offset between rows and columns, as well as easily and quickly resize the width of both images and galleries. LBGallery for WordPress is easy to install and comes with full documentation, and full customer support. This user-friendly plug-in is robust and highly responsive and adds a new level of visual appeal to virtually any website. Designers and developers looking for the next great plug-in to take their WordPress creation to the next level should consider this plug-in. LBGallery for WordPress is designed primarily to create galleries in quick and easy fashion. Try this intuitive and simple plug-in today and explore its possibilities and its ability to add new dimensions to your website.

Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress
15. Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress

Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress makes the valid claim that a picture says more than 1000 words. This is indeed true and is why this plug-in offers so much for designers and developers looking to create a highly visual and attractive website. This plug-in offers jQuery functionality allowing for the creation of beautiful galleries that incorporate a variety of pictures, posts, pages and videos. The plug-in offers simple intuitive and easy gallery management and is quick and simple to install. A variety of useful features include template settings, general settings, layout settings, gallery preview, sort settings, filter settings and combination filters, pretty photo settings with social media sharing, overlay icon settings, caption settings, universal scroll settings, preloaded settings, item style settings, background settings, menu style settings, live sample galleries, as well as a host of other fully functional features. The plug-in allows for the creation of virtually an unlimited number of galleries, as well as the ability to insert galleries via shortcodes. In addition, users have the ability to create duplicate galleries, and list gallery views. The plug-in is highly responsive and robust, as well as coming complete with full documentation. Complete Gallery Manager for WordPress is a great option for catapulting your website to the highest levels of visual functionality. Discover this excellent plug-in for gallery style WordPress themes and see how easy making a website fully visual can actually be for designers.


  1. Great writeup. Instagram is everywhere now. I train my clients to use it as a marketing tool. There is also another great Instagram WordPress that I used on my last project called Social Roll ( Their interface is sleek, sexy, and very professional. Check it out.