New Premium Tumblr Themes for 2012

Fast Blog - Tumblr Theme
1. Fast Blog

One of the features most users will want from premium Tumblr themes is that it is easy to configure, and that is exactly what Kubasto’s Fast blog provides. This theme is eye-catching and is easy to customize with the 12 available color schemes. It also comes with a variety of widgets to make the process of displaying content that much more efficient. When it comes to showing off your content, Fast Blog is one of the best Tumblr themes for audio and video content as well as static content types like text and photos. Have a link to display? It comes designed for you to share those as well. You get social media widgets to help you to promote your content. You can make your site more social via Fast Blog’s Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr widgets, as well as display your followers with its followers widget.

Waletumblr - Tumblr Theme
2. Waletumblr

Do you want a sharp, modern theme that is easy to configure? This premium Tumblr theme offers that, along with the ability to implement any color scheme you choose while still retaining the theme’s minimalism. The Waletumblr Tumblr theme comes with lots of documentation for easy setup and Disqus comments support so that you can interact with your website’s visitors.

Athens - Theme for Tumblr
3. Athens

You can easily customize multiple aspects of the Athens premium Tumblr theme such as the font colors of titles, the description and the headlines. You can also change the sidebar and personal info bar backgrounds, if you want. You have the power to change almost any aspect to suit your own tastes, and to suit whatever content you are publishing. The result is that the Athens theme is perfect for everything from text to showing off videos. Furthermore, it is responsive, meaning that whatever device your visitors use to view your Tumblr site, your customized theme shows up on it just as well as on a desktop or laptop.

Candy - Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme
4. Candy

As more people surf the Internet on their smartphones and tablets, you will want a theme for your Tumblr site that shows up well on those devices. That is where a responsive theme like Candy comes in. You get a cool Tumblr template that is not only easy to view on a smaller screen, but also supports any type of content you are publishing. The look of the Candy Tumblr theme is inspired by Facebook’s timeline and can be used to display all of your text, video and audio posts to the world. With the use of custom CSS and a customizable logo (both of which are supported by Candy), you can uniquely brand your site. Candy also supports custom backgrounds and Disqus comments.

Silent Alley - Responsive Tumblr Theme
5. Silent Alley

This premium Tumblr theme has a long list of features that includes responsiveness and customizable link colors. This theme comes in three color styles, but the header’s background can also be easily customized with any color you want; your options are unlimited, and you can even include a full-screen background image that is simple to change. Overall, Silent Alley is one of the best Tumblr themes for those with highly visual content to display as it comes with Lightbox, which can enhance the viewing of images.

Druid - Premium Tumblr Theme
6. Druid A

The playful and stylish look of the Druid A premium Tumblr theme makes it flexible and good for publishing all content-types. You also get the ability to insert jQuery tooltips, and the theme supports custom CSS, allowing for modification of how it looks; you can also display Twitter feeds to connect your Tumblr site with your social media accounts.

Colorless - Monochrome Tumblr Theme
7. Colorless

Among the many things that Colorless has going for it, there is the fact that it is completely responsive and the fact that it is designed to display all types of posts. You can display your texts, images, links and video all on the same site. The Colorless Tumblr theme also allows you to connect with feeds from Twitter, Flickr and Dribbble. All of this comes in a minimalist package that allows you to scroll endlessly and install easily thanks to the thorough documentation.

Sewed - Tumblr Pinterest Theme
8. Sewed

Like the layout of social website Pinterest? Then you will like Sewed as it is similar in appearance to the Pinterest layout and easy to customize, with such features as editable footers and custom CSS. What is even better is that it is fully responsive and supports Disqus comments. Social media is important to getting traffic and is becoming increasingly important in search engine rankings, so the Sewed Tumblr theme can help connect your Tumblr site to Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

Polaroid - Tumblr Theme
9. Polaroid

With the Polaroid Tumblr theme, you get a quick and easy installation. You also get multiple options for displaying your content, including Lightbox for your images, and since the Polaroid Tumblr theme only has two columns, your visitors get to see your content without too many distractions. Lightbox and a two-column layout make Polaroid one of the best Tumblr themes for displaying images. Change any part of it you want, as Polaroid is designed for you to customize it; you can change any element, from the background to the color of the links. It also comes with cool little touches like an animated Flickr widget that will help your site to stand out.

Mars - Tumblr Theme
10. Mars

Whether you like your themes light or dark, you can have yourself a professional-looking magazine blog with the Mars Tumblr theme. Along with being able to choose between the light and dark version, you also get to customize the colors on your Mars-themed site as you wish. Its responsiveness allows it to be viewed on mobile devices as well as on standard laptops and desktops, and it comes with a slider to help you to display photographic content in an eye-catching and viewer-friendly way. That is not all, however, as you can make your Tumblr site more social with the use of Twitter, Facebook and Flickr widgets.

Baroness - Cool Tumblr Theme
11. Baroness

The name suggests elegance, and the theme follows through. The Baroness Tumblr template is minimal and simple on the outside, but comes with powerful features to help your Tumblr site be more successful. The features include the fact that it is designed to display all of the content types that you can publish via Tumblr, including, audio, video and text. The Baroness Tumblr theme can also be modified easily, allowing you to express yourself and your tastes with it. Even better, this cool Tumblr template comes with extensive documentation to help you install and get it running.

Autumn - Responsive Tumblr Theme
12. Autumn

The Autumn theme’s layout is responsive and will look as clean and elegant on an iPhone as it does on a Windows desktop. It is versatile enough to accommodate any type of post that you can publish on Tumblr, and has many options for customization. You also get little touches like animated icons to give a more dynamic feel to your content. It comes with a Twitter widget, supports Disqus comments, and you get unlimited custom pages.

Capital - Cool Tumblr Theme
13. Capital

Capital gives you 8 fonts in which you can display your site’s title. On top of that you get Disqus comments support and infinite scroll. Want to brand your site? Upload your logo; the capital Tumblr theme supports header image uploads too. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your Tumblr site’s traffic, and Capital also allows content on the index page to be reblogged. This is a clean minimalist theme and ensures that your content will be center of attention.

Eclair - Vimeo Tumblr Theme
14. Eclair

You can use this subtle-yet-striking theme for any of the content types that are publishable on Tumblr, and you get to connect it to your Twitter account and display your latest feeds via a Twitter widget. There is also a Flickr widget for those users who want to show off the photographic content in their Flickr stream. The Eclair Tumblr theme has an elegant look and works well on all the major browsers.

Halftone - Tumblr Template
15. Halftone

Want a stylish retro theme that looks good on the screens of various device-types? Halftone’s responsiveness can provide you with this along with a number of other features for easy and productive use; among them the site’s social links, which allow for integration of your site with your social media accounts. This cool Tumblr template gives you Disqus comments and the ability to publish any content-type.

Redib - Premium Tumblr Template
16. Redib

Redib supports custom CSS, allowing you to control the look and feel of your Tumblr site. Not only will your site be just the way you like it, it will look good on all the major web-browsers as well. The Redib Tumblr template has a clean, classic businesslike look to go with its social media integration, which allows you to connect your website with your social media accounts on Twitter and several other networks