Most Popular iOS Apps 2013

Using apps is a worldwide phenomenon, as they make work and life more convenient by giving you the information you need within a few seconds. Whether you want an app to make your work tasks more efficient, or want to find apps to develop your own app building skills, you’ll find more than 700,000 options in the Apple AppStore. Choosing from among these can be a little daunting and time consuming, so we have compiled a list of the most popular iOS apps 2013 for both end-users and app designers who want to save time and avoid the coding scratch process.

Blog News

1 –Blog News

Working on a blog can take long, constant hours of work, but with this app you no longer have to sit in front of your computer to get this work done. BlogNews installs thumbnails of all of your WordPress posts, grabs news from a magazine or blog, finds the thumbnails of your posts, views your web stats through Google Analytics, or manages your social media accounts from your iPhone or iPad. With a 10 minute installation, this app has many useful features for any blog owner who has a personal life as well as a professional one.

DOLPHIN - XML EBook Creator

2 – DOLPHIN – XML EBook Creator

Deciding to write an eBook can be a real challenge, especially if you aren’t tech savvy. So just how do you get your book in eBook form, load it to the Internet and place it up for sale? That is what the Dolphin XML app template can help you do. All you have to do is load up the content, add the multimedia (images, video, audio files) and create your eBook. Great features include slideshow creation. Expect a full XML driven app that doesn’t need you to add more code, both iPhone and iPad landscape and portrait view support with auto resizing, video layer support, thumbnail navigation, slideshow options and background display options.

Create Your Own App

3 – Create Your Own App

Running apps when you have no programming skills is very possible especially with apps like this. Create your own apps with embedded YouTube videos, photo galleries, WordPress articles, tweets and map features. Add your own custom features and place your new app in the AppStore and you are ready to go.

Turn the PDF

4 – TurnThePDF

Working with page turning PDF files is now possible with this new app. TurnThePDF is a PDF reader with page turning features like those users are accustomed to on the iPad. This app creates those cool page turn effects for your PDF eBooks. It works very simply by allowing you to simply drag the PDF file into the project. Then all you have to do is write the name of your file and make sure the Add target box is check marked. When you launch the PDF with the app installed just swipe each page to the left or right to get the page turning action.


5 – iRadio

Listening to music has never been easier than with this app. Play any number of radio stations with this application. Stream ACC, MP3, MGU, PLS, Icecast and more. The app makes for easy navigation through its attractive tabs. It features easy social media access so users can share music. App creators can easily integrate PDF reader to add other features, and they can even play background sounds with the app in its closed state.

HTML - PDF Viewer - iOS XCode Project

6 – HTML / PDF Viewer – iOS XCode Project

Need a quick PDF viewer for your iPhone? This app is a plug-and-play option that installs within just a few minutes. Just drop and drag and you can immediately get access to your PDF content. Include the app with other app creations of your own too with easy instructional for this integration in the app documentation.

Cave Run Game

7 – Cave Run Game

Gaming has never had so many options. Now you can take favorite Flash games to your iOS systems. The Cave Run game is an app fashioned after the traditional PC flash game. It offers very simple game play with an Indiana Jones like character. Just hold the mouse button to jump and hold it a little longer to jump even higher.

My Plist Map

8 – MyPlistMap for iPhone & iPad

Create your own XCode maps and map notations with this cool app. The.plist file holds all your markers, notes and quick jots you need to make on map locations. Additionally when you sync your iOS device and PC the.plist file is downloaded to your server and updated immediately, so you don’t have to re-annotate the information you made while on the move. The app offers easy to use features; basically you just set your map marker and write in what you need. The app immediately creates the annotations on both the map and in a list form. Add pictures to illustrate places, click on the map pin to get descriptions, photos and more. App builders can integrate this app into their own custom apps, and add up to 7 pieces of information for each location pin they create (city name, state, country, population, latitude and longitude, pictures).

PhotoGallery - iOS XCode Project

9 – PhotoGallery – iOS XCode Project

Taking great photos is a real pleasure made even more so when you can easily share them with your readers or visitors. But great photographers are not necessarily great coders and adding photos to an iOS device may seem daunting. This great little app offers a plug-and-play iOS gallery option. Simply swap the default images for your own by dragging and dropping your photos into the app frame, and presto, you’ve got a cool gallery of beautiful photos for your iPad or iPhone.

Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS

10- Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for iOS

Try your hand at game application design with this starter kit app. This is an easy to customize XCode project with video tutorials to make game making easy. Build your own levels, add your own art work and customize some of the preferences for sling speed and more. Make as many levels as you want and when finished upload and sell it in the AppStore.

iOS EBook Starter Kit with Video Guide Tutorials

11- iOS EBook Starter Kit with Video Guide Tutorials

Give your creativity free reign with this iOS eBook starter kit and video guide. Quickly drag and drop in images and content to make a page turning book for iPad users. Follow the reference guide to learn how to tweak your book, add multimedia and make it perfect enough for the AppStore. Additional features include 3D animation support, cool buttons for kid’s books and more. Don’t worry if you don’t have coding experience, as this kit simply allows you to replace existing images and content in the existing format. Its ease of use means you can publish your new eBook within a few short minutes.

MultiFunction Form

12- MultiFunctional Form – iPhone

Place any form you need on any of your custom apps with this multifunctional form app. Create email forms, order, information or any other form you need within just a minute or two. There is no need for special code knowledge and all form information automatically syncs with the server too, allowing you to view information either from your iOS device or PC.

Twitter Feed - iOS XCode Project

13 – Twitter Feed – iOS XCode Project

Manage your social media marketing campaigns more effectively with this little app. Add your Twitter feed to your own iOS device or to any user’s by integrating this app with your own custom apps. This app offers a quick way to include your Twitter posts in a dynamic and attractive layout in your own apps. It helps increase your social media exposure, sell your apps and get more traffic to any project you have. Additionally this small app offers compatibility with most iOS devices, ease-of-use, and an incredibly easy set up process. So easy in fact, that it works much like setting up your Twitter screen name and password.

Car Sale in App

14 – CarSale In App

Selling cars has never been easier, especially now that you can create your own car sales app. Made with the power of XCode, you can simply add cars from the PhpMyAdmin and they automatically appear in the app. Set up your new custom app with your own logo, description, email and Facebook information. Add markers to the integrated map to show the vehicle location and offer quick route locations. Easy to read documentation and video tutorials show you to communicate directly with the application server to make the changes you need. This way you don’t have to contact Apple every time you do a vehicle update. Besides, this app offers easy fill-in-the-box options, meaning you don’t have to learn to code to make attractive background, vehicle information and pic changes. Just enter the data in each of the admin boxes and “presto” the changes are made.

Apps make using your Apple device fun, but also offer convenience and efficiency. So whether you are looking for a game to play, a book to read or want to try your hand at game creating while riding the subway home from work, these apps can make working with other apps or content so much more efficient and simpler!