Meet the Shock Family

Today we talk with the Shock Family, developers of the Photography Portfolio Theme:


An exceptional effect has been applied into this template: the picture of a camera in the background with the texture that makes it appear to be printed over leather. Default logo has a fantastic shutter icon to illustrate the goal of the page, and content boxes have a cool grid background. Layout makes it perfect for photographers portfolios and photography related business. This theme also comes with some great features like:

– Ability to choose from 4 different sliders. (or no slider)
– Fully responsive (adaptable to any device, ipad, iphone, android)
– Easily create GUI elements (menus, sliders, galleries, buttons, tooltips, notifications, lightboxes, toggle menus, tabbed content, and more) Bootstrap Ready.
– Unlimited layouts with our layout generator. Create unlimited widget areas in top, bottom and lateral areas. Per page basis.
– Internationalized in: Spanish English french, German Portuguese Source files included, full documentation,
– Working contact form with validations and captcha.
– Photo gallery, services page, products system and testimonials pages with categories and lightbox ready.
– HTML/CSS version

Hi, we are Shock family, we live and work in Bogota, Colombia. We move in different areas of graphic and web design. When creating blogs for our growing company, we saw the high demand of themes for WordPress and decided to make our own. Some of our artistic training comes from university studies; however, they don’t teach you all you need to know. Satisfying a customer – that is when the real training begins.

We started programming when Adobe Flash was still alive and well. We have a lot of good projects, Iconshock is the biggest icons site with more than 1 million quality icons, Jquery Slider Shock is an amazing slider and we would say the most complete one in the internet. When making themes for anyone, people eventually finds the perfect theme for them. In the other hand, with us, people have the power to create by themselves the perfect theme without any coding skills required with our theme generator.

In my opinion what the difference between a premium theme and a “free theme” is support. We work to develop great designs of all kind and choose some of them to make available for free. However, if you buy something from us and need some of help with it please let us know and we will do whatever is in our power to satisfy you. What we enjoy the most is to hear when people says that they love our themes.

When creating a new theme, it is more something like creating something cool and new and if there is something we would need to take care of, we add it to our theme. For creating a theme, most of our greatest ideas were first drawings of robots and monsters that one of our designers likes to do like for example here We are always trying new technologies and right now experimenting with alternatives to PHP for future projects. Bootstrap is so demanded now, so we have it in all our themes.

We would like to announce we are giving a 500mb gift of pure quality design to all web ninjas out there as part of our launching campaign. They will love it. Inspiration comes from our mind, but it never hurts to have lots of pretty stuff to work with on projects. If we could have any superhero power, we would choose Batman’s ability to overpass everything and anyone. Doesn’t matter who the enemy is, Batman always finds the way.