Best Responsive Magento Themes 2013

Magento is the leading open source eCommerce platform built on technology that provides high level of flexibility and control over the look and functionality of your online store. Setup up your online store is no more a daunting task and many magento theme marketplaces offer Magento themes at reasonable cost and also provide support afterwards. […]

Woo Your Visitors with Customized Magento Themes

Magento was launched with an aim to provide store owners an incredibly wide range of flexibility and control over the content, functionality and look of an Online Store. It is an open-source e-Commerce platform that provides these owners with a compact platform to manage their online sales with ease. There are various outsourcing firms that […]

How to Develop a Multi-Store Ecommerce Website?

Magento is an incredible platform for ecommerce. It is the right choice for those who ever thought about setting up an electronic store online. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it suits a whole type of businesses ranging from small, medium to large sized ones. Running several electronic stores simultaneously is really a great challenge […]

eCommerce Solutions of the Future:

What Should be Expected in 2013 eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry. Every year the number of online stores increases, new solutions appear, dated platforms are forced out from the market, and millions of dollars are spent to survive the strict competition. Still more rapid growth is predicted for 2013, and its not surprising. Internet […]

15 of the latest Magento Templates

Magento is a popular open source web-based software package for ecommerce applications. The Magento community edition is available to online business owners free of charge. Professional web designers have created templates for Magento users to easily customize and set up their websites. These designers apply their vast experience in incorporating all the required and good-to-have […]

20 best Magento Templates for 2012

ECommerce continues to be a popular way to do business in the 21st century. It is fast, convenient and, given the international trends in businesses lately, the easiest way to send money back and forth between parties. ECommerce sites are certainly a growing trend in this field, and as such, site builders are looking at […]

20 New Best Magento Themes for 2012

Magento was launched in early 2008 as an open source ecommerce web application, and has since grown like wild fire in the ecommerce world. It was built upon the Zend Framework, but the only free version is the Magento Community Edition. Part of the strength of Magento is the adaptability via extensions. It is a […]