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JomSocial Templates JoomlaSocial media is the new normal in the online world of communicating, and Jomsocial templates brings users of Joomla into the social world. In fact, social media according to many estimates is growing at a faster rate than any other online trend in recent times. That is pretty impressive considering how young the Internet is in general. While it is true that there are indeed many choices for designers and developers interested in staking their claim in the social media arena, there is one CMS or content management system with a solid social media functionality that stands out from the rest. JomSocial is a software platform that integrates Joomla communities into strikingly attractive themes and templates. What’s even more exciting is that JomSocial is driven by AJAX and is therefore a robust and powerful framework. JomSocial can make even the most static of websites come to life with lively and interactive social networking functionality. Designers and developers know that social media is the name of the game today for long term and sustained success online, making JomSocial a wise choice.

JomSocial TemplatesSocial media has quickly become the preferred method for promoting businesses, connecting with old friends, and even meeting new and interesting people who share similar interests. JomSocial along with Joomla templates offers designers and developers excellent coverage with regard to social functionality. JomSocial enables networkers to join and participate in a wide range of groups and social circles. The platform includes options for connecting via “friending” and other intuitive buddy systems. Other features include private messaging, photo sharing functionality, as well as a host of other extremely useful tools and features. In addition, JomSocial allows for easy and seamless integration with other well known and popular social media outlets. Additional benefits of using this particular social media platform includes fast and simple group creation functionality, easy creation of social discussions, and quick posting to group walls. What follows is a good representation of several excellent JomSocial ready Joomla templates:

AMOS - Jomsocial template

Designers and developers looking to make a splash with a new website concept will appreciate the incredible responsiveness and functionality of AMOS. This flexible template from Joomla provides several custom sliders, single page options and normal page options, a wide variety of colors, dozens of positions, a choice in portfolio layouts, a variety of built-in styles, various shortcodes, customized AMOS modules, as well as a full range of other important features. Other key features include the use of a Gantry framework, pricing tables, Google fonts support, PSD files, built-in Prettyphoto lightbox, and many others. This template is fresh and clean in both look and design. Creative designers looking for a versatile and all around good JomSocial ready Joomla template can rest assured that AMOS will deliver excellent responsiveness and remarkable functionality. AMOS is suitable for producing a variety of websites and blogs covering a wide range of subject matter.

Galaxy - Corporate Joomla Template
2. Galaxy

Galaxy is a highly responsive and fully functional Joomla corporate template that is JomSocial ready. This unique looking and powerfully functioning theme is designed with mobile device functionality as its major consideration. This Joomla theme comes complete with the “Real Quickstart Installation Package.” As a fully JomSocial compatible template Galaxy offers the opportunity for designers and developers to create socially functional websites and blogs that will keep people of similar interests connected. Standard features include DNP Slider Module, DNP portfolio module, AJAX search modules, as well as XHTML valid providing typographically consistent design. Other remarkable features include CSS3 animations, mobile device wipe navigation, simple admin panel, in addition to many other useful features. Galaxy is a good choice as a Joomla premium template for a variety of websites and blogs, from small businesses to large corporations and individuals alike.

Uneedo - Responsive JomSocial Template
3. Uneedo

Looking for a Joomla template that is JomSocial ready and includes a full host of powerful features? Your looking may be over when you find Uneedo. The theme is clean and elegant and offers the perfect interface for a social site looking to build upon community. The template is built around the Warp framework and is fully responsive. In addition, the template incorporates full HTML5 and CSS3 functionality along with beautiful typography. This Joomla template with full JomSocial ready capabilities is ideal for setting up an ongoing social group large or small. Other features include instant AJAX search, dozens of module positions, custom form elements, custom UI, many administration options, as well as numerous other features. Uneedo is ideal for a number of website and blog themes interested in social media, especially those building a large community of followers. Uneedo can grow and expand a business in a very short time through leveraging the power of social media.

Sociality - Jomsocial Template
4. Sociality

Sociality is a Joomla template with full JomSocial functionality and a wide array of features. For example, Sociality offers complete JomSocial adaptation, unique fancy slider, virtually unlimited colors, dozens of positions, three portfolio layouts, built-in styles, shortcodes, premium modules, as well as a responsive grid using the skeleton’s generic framework. Other important features include pricing tables, chrome frame, photo gallery, Google fonts compatibility, along with built-in Prettyphoto lightbox that incorporates auto-popup and “open from” link functionality. Sociality is the ideal Joomla template for social media intensive websites and blogs. Discover Sociality today and begin building your perfect social web presence. Website designers and developers interested in integrating social media functionality into their projects will be delighted with the versatility and power of Sociality. Building a large social following online just got simpler with Joomla premium templates like Sociality.

Simply - Responsive Corporate Joomla Theme
5. Simply

A fully responsive and highly functional Joomla template with JomSocial functionality is the theme known as Simply. The theme is corporate-centric and is perfectly suited for corporate specific websites and blogs. This Joomla JomSocial template is loaded with rich and robust features including Wrap framework, HTML5 and CSS3, semantic markup, RTL support, and is compatible across a wide spectrum of browsers and devices. Other features of this Joomla template with JomSocial functionality include widget kit light, which is a cutting-edge new generation toolkit designed specifically for Joomla and WordPress, with the intent of enriching a visitor’s website experience. Also worth noting in this powerful and responsive Joomla template are features such as intuitive general settings, profile settings and layout options. From corporations to small businesses and everything in between, this Joomla premium template with social media functionality will help to expand any size business through the use of social media strategies.

Rammih - JomSocial Joomla Template Responsive
6. Rammih

Discover a highly responsive and fully functional JomSocial Joomla template known as Rammih. This modern and trendy looking template by Joomla is simple yet highly functional. Features of this premium Joomla template include native Joomla 2.5.x core, a variety of color theme variations, fully integrated and restyled JomSocial functionality, support for K2 components, as well as browser compatibility across a wide band of popular browsers. Other features include a quick start package, stunning slideshow modules, and easy to use backend, JS compression, T-3 framework, and full functionality across a wide array of devices. Rammih is an excellent choice for designers and developers who are looking to create an attractive and functional website or blog that incorporates social features. This excellent highly effective Joomla premium template with integrated social media gives designers and developers the opportunity to structure websites and blogs with full social media compatibility in mind.

abana - Business Premium Joomla Theme
7. Abana

Here is an extremely modern and attractive looking Joomla template tailored towards premium business concepts. Albana Boasts powerful features that include HTML5 and CSS3 functionality, several color styles, Warp framework, PST files, a dozen background textures, loads of admin options, dozens of module positions, as well as a dedicated mobile theme. In addition, this highly responsive and fully functional Joomla premium theme includes flexible, and adjustable template widths. The template is fully scalable across a wide spectrum of devices and browsers, and features unique options such as CSS3 tags designed for ZOO blog. The theme also comes with full documentation and a number of video-based tutorials. Try Abana today and take advantage of a premium Joomla template with full JomSocial functionality. Abana is suitable for any business model in a range of fields and industries.

BT Travel - JomSocial Kunena Theme
8. BT Travel

This unique and amazingly attractive JomSocial and Kunena template is enabled for full functionality and excellent responsiveness. This versatile and flexible template features several color themes, T-3 framework 2.0, several BT extensions, unique BT background slideshow modules, as well as a variety of module positions. Companies specializing in travel, as well as travel agencies specifically, will benefit from this powerful and versatile Joomla premium theme. Other powerful features of this great looking template include CSS validations, full cross browser compatibility, full device compatibility, several powerful theme extensions, Google fonts compatibility, as well as a wide range of other unique and highly useful features. Leveraging the power of JomSocial, designers and developers can create highly effective travel websites and blogs, with unique and useful social functions. BT Travel will give travel industry business owners the opportunity to accelerate their businesses to the next level.

Angak-Ho - Corporate Joomla Theme
9. Angak

Angak is a unique and attractive corporate Joomla template designed with social functions in mind. The theme is fully functional and highly responsive across a full range of browsers and devices. In addition, Angak offers a full complement of features including several color variations, custom JQuery, unique slideshow modules, T-3 framework, full documentation, as well as a useful quick start page. Corporations as well as small businesses will be perfectly suited as good candidates for this type of template when considering corporate identity website design and development. Other great features offered by this modern Joomla template include full Google fonts support, and full social media support through the use of JomSocial. Web designers and developers alike will come to enjoy the simplicity and incredible functionality offered by this stunning Joomla template known as Angak. This Joomla premium template is suitable for a wide range of website themes and subjects.

JF Chrome - Joomla 2.5 JomSocial Template
10. JF Chrome

This Joomla template is perfectly suited for social media functions through the use of its highly functional JomSocial components. A full range of powerful features including a T-3 framework, pricing tables, photo gallery, dozens of module positions, as well as full documentation are included. JF Chrome is the perfect choice for designers and developers looking to create a professional looking website for business and community purposes. Other great features of this Joomla template that is perfectly suited for social websites include built-in tool-tips, full cross browser compatibility, built-in CSS and JavaScript compression, as well as many other highly useful tools and functionalities. This powerful yet simple Joomla template can turn any concept or idea into an amazingly attractive and fully social website or blog. Discover JF Chrome and see how great looking social websites and blogs are born. JF Chrome is well suited for a variety of websites and blogs seeking to expand their social media presence.

EOS - Premium Joomla Template
11. EOS

EOS is considered a Joomla 1.7 Mega template that boasts nearly a dozen custom sliders, virtually unlimited colors, dozens of positions, a choice in portfolio layouts, several built-in styles, excellent short codes, blog functionality, as well as customizable EOS modules. In addition this extremely attractive Joomla template with JomSocial features includes over a dozen different sliders, Gantry framework, virtually unlimited background colors, a variety of module positions, easy to use short codes, video modules, quick and easy install, as well as compatibility across a wide spectrum of browsers and devices. EOS also offers newsletter components, built-in Prettyphoto lightbox, PSD files, photo gallery, site map, social media integration by way of JomSocial, Google map functionality, animation features, intuitive short codes, as well as a wide range of other important and powerful features. EOS will have the design and development community abuzz with its incredible versatility and ability to produce attractive and functional websites and blogs.

L-Sheer - Magazine Joomla Template
12. L-Sheer

Designers and developers in search of a powerful and fully functional news and magazine Joomla style template that incorporates JomSocial features into its design will certainly appreciate L-Sheer. This clean and trendy looking Joomla template is fully responsive and features validated HTML5, a wide range of color options, PSD files, and hundreds of components. In addition, this excellent Joomla template offers a wide range of short codes, e-mail options, special zoo items, flex slider, orbit slider, flexible columns, CSS3 technology, warp framework, as well as a full range of other useful and tested features. L-Sheer is a scalable Joomla template that will look good across a wide spectrum of browsers and devices. L-Sheer is fully documented and gives designers and developers the opportunity to create beautifully attractive social media ready websites and blogs for a full range of businesses and service related industries. Discover L-Sheer and prepare to be amazed with the beautiful websites this Joomla premium template can produce in a very short amount of time.

Zijji - Corporate Joomla Theme
13. Zijji

Zijji is a Joomla premium template tailored towards corporate and business related websites. This premium theme features social media ready functionality via JomSocial integration, as well as a wide range of other important features and functions. For example, Zijji offers powerful T-3 framework, multiple slider options, various layout options, 4 color options, as well as a choice of portfolio modules. Other important features of this premium Joomla template include full compatibility with all popular browsers, along with functionality across a wide array of devices. This theme is also capable of incorporating a number of Joomla extensions into its functionality including News Show Pro, K2, as well as a wide range of other useful extensions. Website designers and website developers seeking to leverage the power of Joomla to design and develop award-winning websites and blogs will enjoy the simplicity and power of Zijji. Creating a powerful and impressive corporate or business style website or blog just got easier with the help of Zijji. Social media should be the cornerstone of all businesses who are striving to succeed online.

Ammon - Premium Joomla Template
14. Ammon

Ammon is a powerful and impressive premium Joomla template that incorporates JomSocial into its functionality to help designers and developers produce impressive and remarkable social media based websites and blogs. Ammon offers a full host of rich and robust features including a dozen custom sliders, a full range of colors, dozens of positions, multiple portfolio layouts, a full range of built-in styles, useful short codes, JomSocial styles, as well as a variety of customizable modules. In addition, this fully scalable Joomla template offers Gantry framework, Nivo slider, various portfolio components, pricing tables, photo gallery, Google fonts compatibility, inbuilt lightbox, newsletter compatibility, dynamic shadows, a quick install feature, as well as a host of other powerful features. Ammon sets the stage for designers and developers to create fantastic looking websites and blogs that offer highly scalable social media functionality. Ammon offers a generic looking design that gives website designers and developers the latitude to create websites and blogs related to virtually any subject. Discover Ammon today and be prepared to build your next impressive website or blog.

Dryer - Joomla Responsive Theme
15. Dryer

Dryer is an impressively remarkable Joomla premium template that is fully responsive and highly functional. This design rich premium template gives designers and developers the full flexibility to create stunningly attractive eye-catching websites and blogs. Dryer features a number of important features including fully responsive layout, warp framework, HTML5 and CSS3 functionality, semantic markup, RTL functionality, widget kit, as well as complete JomSocial support. In addition, Dryer offers full customization, browser compatibility across a wide spectrum of popular browsers, and compatibility with a full range of devices including tablets, notebooks, desktops and mobile devices. Additional key features of this highly scalable Joomla premium template include widget kit light, advanced theme options, general and profile settings, layout options, as well as the unique feature known as rokpad. Dryer is fully translation ready and offers a demo pack as well as a useful quick start guide. Full documentation and other powerful tools and features make Dryer an excellent choice for designers and developers intent on creating a truly head turning website or blog.

Conclusion regarding Jomsocial Templates

There is little doubt that social media is growing by leaps and bounds on almost a daily basis. Website designers and developers intent on staying at the leading edge of the industry must incorporate all aspects of social media into their web design and development in order to stay relevant in the industry. Tools such as JomSocial allow these designers and developers to do just that, and also gives them the flexibility to custom tailor each individual project to its specific social media needs. From corporate websites to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, Joomla premium templates integrated with JomSocial can make the difference between the website being spectacular or just average. As social media continues to take more and more of a center stage on the Internet and throughout the industry, it is important for website designers and developers to always build around this important functionality. While it is true that the Internet is continually evolving, right now one thing is certain, and that is that social media is essential to a website’s online success.

JomSocial will help to ensure that a website does indeed achieve online success and notoriety. The variety of Joomla premium templates that incorporate JomSocial into their structure, which we have discussed here, offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from when planning a new website or blog project. Designers and developers who enjoy the flexibility and functionality of Joomla templates should explore these social media-centric themes when preparing to develop a new website or blog. The best part of incorporating these Joomla premium templates into your next project is that they are all highly functional and fully responsive from start to finish. New clients and existing customers alike will come to appreciate the beauty and elegance of these great looking Joomla templates. This is good news for web designers and developers who are looking to grow their design and development businesses online. Having powerful tools such as those offered by Joomla at their fingertips allows these designers and developers to grow their businesses as a result of producing high quality websites and blogs. You truly can make friends with Jomsocial ready Joomla templates.


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      No, we do not have any experience with Yes, they do appear to be more expensive than most of the templates we list here – did you not find a template you like?