20 wedding website templates

Weddings are ones of the most pleasant events in our lives and everything must look perfect. A new trend raised since some years ago and it seems that people won’t abandon it. It’s about weddings’ websites. This kind of website has multiple meanings- from letting people know the story of the bride and groom to […]

20 fresh website templates suitable for retail projects

Commerce was always the same. A good product or service provided for a buyer and, what is supposed to be the soul of commerce, the advertising. In the online retail business advertising is not mandatory; although helpful, it can be successfully replaced by an eye catching online presence. This is where the web designers intervene. […]

20 awesome vCard templates

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This old saying has guided us along the years teaching us that the content is more important than the look, especially when it comes to people. There are many examples of amazing persons but not so good looking or not well organized when it comes to choice of […]

25 stunning responsive website templates

Our loyal readers noticed that this week we presented many articles about responsive web design. We presented what this actually stands for, some tips about how to create such a web page and 25 impressive responsive WordPress themes. Undoubtedly, WordPress is very common, but there are websites that are not based on this amazing CMS […]

25 wonderful non-profit website templates

Paradoxically, non-profit websites, even though low remunerated compared to other projects, are extremely beautiful and very engaging. It seems that the rule saying that money motivates the designers to create better websites has its limitations- at least in this case. But what stands behind this paradox? Could it be the intervention of Divinity that inspires […]

25 efficient landing page templates

Landing page is the term situated at the intersection of web design and marketing, therefore it’s an extremely important entity. Willing or not, the Internet is no more just a huge network of computers sharing information. Nowadays, it’s a real industry, a place where entrepreneurs invest money, the websites should bring profit and Internet users […]

25 amazing HTML5 website templates

At its beginnings, web design was a primitive form of making websites. It designated just a simple modality of adding information into a huge network. Across time, it evolved and in just few years, the web creators implied their aesthetic touch into how the websites were looking. Anyway, people were reticent about it, the common […]

The Newest Entertainment Site Templates of 2012

Entertainment comes in many forms including music and movies to weddings and other special events. When you have to promote an event or a location, you want to have a website that is clean, clear, and that sparkles with originality and ease of use. Here we are going to discuss various entertainment site templates that […]