Effective Ways To Use Content Marketing For Link Building Purposes

Content marketing is nowadays something that is really useful for business owners from all around the world. This is due to so many reasons, including the fact that it can generate links for a website. Most businessmen already know how valuable this is but do not use content marketing to generate those valuable links. A smart content marketing agency will always incorporate content marketing strategies to generate those backlinks through the methods mentioned below and many others.


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Guest Blogging

Some SEO specialists think that guest blogging does not work anymore but this is completely incorrect. In reality, this is one of the most effective strategies used by professionals to get backlinks for a website. The great thing about this is that the links that are gained are highly valuable, sometimes coming from publications that are highly reputable and known in the industry. At the same time, authority is increased because only high value content can be used in order to run a completely successful content marketing campaign and create successful websites.

Press Releases

This tool has been used for dozens of years. It is really effective and gives companies the possibility to share really important information, usually through the form of updates. Press releases will always have the potential of attracting bloggers and media, making everything attractive for the clients of a company. Links can be gained from highly influential websites and organizations. You wouldn’t mind getting a link from Forbes, the New York Times or Huffington Post, would you?


Arranging interviews has many interesting advantages that many are not aware of at the moment. Contrary to popular belief, the interview does not need to be only in the interest of the publication. Interviews can be carried out by email or phone. Relationships are improved and that would help the purpose of the client. Expanding a network through interviews can bring in very good links and would help you to increase your brand awareness.


You need to be careful with this but the strategy can be really effective. If you manage to offer an infographic that has a lot of quality in the industry, it is a guarantee that people will share it. This can create the viral effect that would be really beneficial for you. While it is never enough to do that and you will also need to share the infographic that you create with the use of the appropriate channels and the work involved is high, the number of really valuable links that you would gain is quite impressive. Such visual representations are really effective and any content marketing strategy that involves the use of infographics would be capable of getting many backlinks.

Using Guides

Creating guides that are useful in the industry is similar to the infographics approach we mentioned but the focus is put on content that is much more useful. You may want to consider the alternative but you have to be really careful since offering a guide that would not bring in high quality is never effective.