20 modern visually appealing Drupal themes

WordPress is the most famous and used content management system (CMS) and its position seems that won’t be endangered in the immediate future. The great advantage of WordPress is its universality and the fact that people accustomed to it. In fact, there are many other CMS that are as simple and user-friendly as WordPress is, […]

Best Drupal Plugins for 2013

Drupal is a content management system that allows web designers to construct websites at a much lower cost. A web designer can setup Drupal so that the webmaster can easily add and remove content. Drupal also comes with an assortment of plugins that allow for designers to extend the functionality of the website. Over the […]

20 of the newest Drupal themes for 2012

Drupal is a platform that gives any business enterprise portal the ease of creating and maintaining their content management system. This complicated platform has become more user-friendly with the arrival of Drupal 7 version. Once you configure this software, you need to choose a template before you can get your website up and running. The […]

Top 20 best Drupal themes in 2012

Drupal is one of the more popular free open source content management systems on the market today. Simple and flexible by design, Drupal is a versatile, scalable, and well-documented tool that can power any website of any size. If you are seeking the best Drupal themes for you own website, you are in good company. […]