Driving Your Offline Community Fundraising Using Online Techniques

There are all kinds of ways you can find yourself involved in community fundraising. Perhaps your child’s school or scout group is trying to raise money for new resources and wants parents to pitch in and help, or a club, hobby group or church you belong to needs to get hold of some funds. Perhaps you have a charity you support and you want to do something locally to help spread awareness and bring in donations. Whatever your reason for getting involved, it can often seem like the world of community fundraising is one that technology has kind of left untouched – with techniques still typically involving age old things like sales, sponsored activities, and local family events.

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Mixing In Newer Techniques

Of course, just because community fundraising still has a very old school flavour, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the kind of techniques used for fundraising that is aimed at a larger and more globally or nationally distributed audience. Using simple online methods can help you get more people involved and interested in whatever you are doing, organising or selling to raise funds.

Selling Merchandise

One of the most usual ways to raise money, particularly for things that relate to children like schools or kids’ clubs, is to sell things designed or made by members of the group you are trying to help. Things like t-shirts, calendars, mugs and greetings cards featuring children’s artwork have long been used to encourage parents to donate money to primary schools, and things like cubs and brownies groups. Getting merchandise like this made is easy, as specialist companies like IQ Cards print and produce custom designed products specifically for this kind of fundraising, but it is in selling them that you can raise more money using the web.

Consider that there are probably plenty of kids in your school or group with relatives and family friends outside the local area who would be happy to own one of the kids’ products and support the cause. By using social shares and distributing pictures and ordering details through other parents, you can easily ensure everybody who will have an interest in your merchandise will know about it and have a chance to buy, even if they are on the other side of the country or the world!

Publicising Events

Social media can of course also help you spread the word about events, like school, church or community sales or fairs, or sponsored events like runs. Twitter is excellent for this as with the right people retweeting you (for example local businesses), you can reach a lot of local people who may not otherwise have found out about the event.

Another good way to use the web to publicise your event is to contact local blogs and ask them to write about your event, or ask if you can write a piece yourself for them to put up. Most communities do have their own blogs, and this is where many people go to find out what is going on in their neighbourhood.

Even if your methods of raising money are traditional, there is no reason not to incorporate some ideas from the internet marketing world to help you gain more publicity and raise more money!