Discover 20 new Joomla Templates for 2012

new joomla templates 2012Joomla is an open source style content platform that is completely free and gaining ground in the content management arena. This highly scalable content platform is ideal for blogs, webpages, news type websites and polls while being versatile enough to support a wide range of international languages. Joomla has been downloaded tens of millions of times to date and is quickly becoming the go to source for content management software. These new Joomla templates offer a wide range of layouts, designs and site structures that allow designers and developers to create fantastic looking websites. The platform offers a highly flexible template layout that allows for a variety of different elements to be incorporated into the design of a particular website. Customization and versatility are the prime tenants of Joomla themes.

Joomla allows for components of a chosen template to be interchangeable and highly functional. For example, designers can choose from a variety of layouts, color schemes, unique fonts, as well as images and effects when designing with Joomla templates – if you’re designing for a culinary arts school client, you can include many elements that will fit well for the education niche.┬áIn addition, Joomla offers a wide range of extensions that increase the platforms functionality. Some of the typical extensions used in a Joomla style design include plug-ins, modules, and languages to name just a few. Joomla is quickly becoming the platform of choice for web designers and web developers alike. As a totally free and open source system, Joomla makes perfect sense for designers and developers seeking a highly scalable and highly useful content management system. Publishing content on the Internet just got easier with Joomla. Here we will explore 20 of the newest Joomla templates for 2012.

ZT Kru - Responsive Joomla 2.5 Template
1. ZT Kru

This rather attractive Joomla template known as Zt Kru is built on ZO2 framework and is highly responsive. What makes TT Kru so special is that it is perfectly compatible with mobile platforms such as tablets and other similar mobile devices. This Joomla template comes complete with a robust admin control panel, support for K2 CCK extensions, suckerfish menu support, up to 8 preset skins and styles, highly useful short codes, support for 32 module positions, as well as a variety of background patterns and colors. Other features of ZT Kru include support for a wide range of browsers, CSS and PHP code files, support for.PSD files, and is offered with the QuickStart package. ZT Kru is an ideal template for a variety of websites including e-commerce, educational sites, as well as more complex web applications.

Viena - New Joomla Responsive Template
2. Viena

If you are in search of a Joomla 2.5 template that is highly responsive and offers a clean and lightweight style than Vienna may be the template for you. Vienna is especially useful for those seeking to develop an attractive and highly functional video blog. In addition, because this template is so easily customized it is ideal for magazine style web applications. Vienna is built on the Gantry framework making customization effortless and fast. This super clean theme is template based and offers 65 base module positions derived from the Gantry core. In addition, Vienna offers web fonts compatible with Google, 38 total combinations for sidebars and the main body, full audio and video support, Ajax plug-ins, as well as JQuery plug-ins. Layout creation is simple and easy for designers and developers and allows for a wide range of creative control.

Smallsolutions - Joomla Theme
3. SmallSolutions

Smallsolutions is a theme that offers a professional looking template with a variety of configurations and design options. No programming or coding experience is required with this very scalable and easy to manage Joomla template. This template is also highly customizable and uses the Gantry framework. In addition, SmallSolutions offers K2 component and full integration of Google fonts, as well as layered and sliced PSD, grid 960 system, photo gallery, full social media integration, and HTML5 / CSS 3. other key features include integration with Google maps, full contact page template, video plug-ins, as well as full documentation. SmallSolutions offers a great way to design and implement a nice looking and simple yet highly functional website for a variety of applications such as magazine and news websites and blogs.

JSN Pixel - Responsive Template and EasyBlog Support
4. JSN Pixel

Those seeking a truly responsive Joomla template will be pleased to discover the very stylish JSN Pixel. This nice looking template is built on the solid foundation of a powerful and highly functional framework that integrates perfectly with a variety of web browsers. In addition, JSN Pixel works extremely well on a desktop as well as a number of mobile devices. As a fully cross browser compatible template JSN Pixel performs well on everything from Firefox and Safari to Chrome and Opera. Designers and developers seeking highly effective SEO features will enjoy JSN Pixel’s built in SEO options designed to improve overall site visibility and search engine optimization. This super responsive design even offers special styling for EasyBlog as well as K2. One very useful key feature of JSN Pixel is that it offers something known as JSN ImageShow that incorporates a beautiful image gallery. This functionality allows web designers to develop image rich sites that are always well received in today’s online image-centric world.

Jagurian - new Joomla 2.5 Template
5. Jaguarian

Here is a highly responsive and social media friendly Joomla template that allows developers and designers to create a flexible and clean looking portfolio every time. Jaguarian is designed with the idea that sharing images and video is one of the prime tenets of modern Internet design. The template is highly flexible and easily integrated throughout a wide range of platforms including mobile devices and desktop computers. The template is constructed on TZ portfolio, allowing for faster speed of loading with regard to images and a much more search engine friendly interface. Jaguarian Performs well in both HTML5 and CSS3 environments and includes a draggable grid that indicates boxes of thumbnails. Other great features of Jaguarian include for background types, Ajax infinite scroll, JQuery masonary script, DISQUS comment integration, as well as running on T-3 framework.

Fidelity - Joomla 2.5.6 Template
6. Fidelity

Anyone seeking true elegance in a Joomla template will be thoroughly impressed with the clean and well conceived template known as Fidelity. This attractive and highly functional template is perfect for websites built with business portfolios and business in general in mind. The theme incorporates the framework known as Warp, affording designers and developers alike and unparalleled amount of flexibility and agility in a template. The design is fast loading thanks to its clever integration of file compression, data URI’s and gzip. In addition, Fidelity is a highly responsive design that incorporates 8 color styles as well as a wide range of background textures for the ultimate in creative web design. The template offers a number of easy short codes as plug-ins through the interface known as rokCandy. Designers of professional looking business websites and blogs will be right at home with the great template known as Fidelity.

SpiritFX - Joomla Business Template
7. SpiritFX

Another excellent template for high quality business and portfolio templates is the professional and attractive looking template known as SpiritFX. This stylish and feature rich theme has a variety of custom modules and various color styles that enable smart designers to create a sharp and distinctive looking website or blog. The template is constructed upon the T-3 framework which is perfectly suited to business website style designs. In addition, SpiritFX incorporates a number of other useful features such as Kunena Forum Component, Widgetkit and Acymailing Components, News Show Pro GK4, Rocksprocket Module as well as integration for Google maps. SpiritFX will have business website developers and designers cheering in delight.

World Travel II - Joomla Travel Template
8. World Travel II

Get ready for World Travel II, a highly responsive and powerful design for those focusing on travel type websites and blogs. This highly flexible template works equally well on desktop computers and tablets or mobile media devices alike. World Travel II is an image focused template which offers an image flexible template that is known for its quick speed in loading of images and it’s highly search engine friendly interface. Designers will enjoy the ease with which images can be manipulated in this scalable and functional template. Other features that make World Travel II special include an extremely responsive design, 5 background types, jQuery Masonry Script, DISQUS Comments integrated, Ajax Infinite Scroll, Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression, as well as a host of other useful features. Designers of travel related sites will rejoice in the power of World Travel II.

L-sheer - Joomla Magazine Template
9. L-sheer

Designers and developers focusing on magazine and news websites and blogs will appreciate the elegance, scalability and ease of functionality found in the template known as L-sheer. Its feature rich construction includes such things as Zoo CCK Component, Flexi and Orbit Slider, flexible columns and template widths and easy shortcodes, as well as full HTML5 /CSS3 compatibility. L-sheer also offers a variety of color variations and allows editors to customize the appearance of their content in literally seconds. The template includes full documentation and features shortcodes that are simple and easy for editors to understand and use. This fully responsive and powerful Joomla theme is perfectly suited for magazine and news sites.

BT Corporate - Business Joomla 2.5 Template
10. BT Corporate

Joomla templates come in a wide range of looks, styles and designs and BT Corporate is one template that stands out from the crowd. This highly versatile theme can be incorporated into not only web and blog designs but also such applications as hosting companies and even web design companies. The template is offered in 6 attractive colors and supports K2 component. Other features include running on T-3 framework in version 2, and 4 types of menu options. In addition, the template features full compatibility with Joomla 2.5, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 as well as Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling. Designing an attractive looking interface for a hosting company or web design company never was easier than with BT Corporate.

Corpora - Premium Joomla Template
11. Corpora

For a clean and responsive Joomla template that makes a strong and lasting impression, designers should consider the template known as Corpora. The unique and attractive template called Corpora is a fully responsive theme that offers K2 component support, 8 color variations, over 50 module positions, clean and fresh styling, full CSS 3 support and is based on T-3 framework. Other features include full integration with a wide range of platforms including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. In addition, the template includes full browser compatibility, more than 60 module positions, as well has custom error and off-line pages. A host of additional features and clean and stylish elements make this Joomla template one worth investigating.

Simply - Corporate Joomla Template
12. Simply

Highly responsive and clean, simple design are the hallmarks of the Joomla template known as Simply. This super responsive theme template is built on a Warp framework and is fully browser compatible with all major browser interfaces. Simply offers full support for RTL language and is right at home on just about any device available today. In addition, Simply offers features such as grid system, base stylesheet, modular structure, latest CSS techniques, fluid layout, easy customization, Ajax search, multiple page layout combinations, as well as the integration of Google analytics. Simply is attractive and versatile and would work well with a variety of design demands including e-commerce, general websites, and blogs.

Sensorium Pro - Corporate Portfolio Theme
13. Sensorium Pro

Professional designers looking to develop a highly attractive and functional website or blog for a large corporate entity will be delighted to find the theme known as Sensorium Pro. This template is unique in that it takes full advantage of the inner workings of the Joomla platform. Important features include a clean and stylish design with virtually unlimited colors, 22 module positions and 10 Positions, integration with Google fonts, multiple language options, as well as built-in social media options. In addition, Sensorium Pro offers the Kunena forum template and JComments template designed for Sensorium Pro. The theme is fully compatible with CSS3 and offers a wide array of topography and font styles. Sensorium Pro will have designers who specialize in corporate websites jumping for joy.

Sociality - Jomsocial Template
14. Sociality

Here is a Joomla template that will turn heads and keep designers at the forefront of stylish and attractive web design. Sociality Offers unlimited colors and over 60 positions, including 3 portfolio layouts and many built in styles. The template is designed to be an all-purpose one that is perfect for a wide range of websites and blog applications. In addition, Sociality features a convenient shortcode system, premium modules, as well as a responsive grid and custom page designs. Other features include a blog section with comments, pricing tables, 70 modules, off-line page redesign, PSD files, as well as complete social media integration. Sociality is a great looking template that gives designers and developers a wide range of options and flexibility to design any number of website and blog concepts.

Loroe - Responsive Joomla Template
15. Loroe

Loroe offers creative web designers the opportunity to develop attractive and simple designs while maintaining a high level of functionality. Key features of this simple and clean design interface include all wrap framework, menu style variations, on limited colors and 8 fonts, as well as 2 module style combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons. This template is very flexible and includes total control of column widths. Designers and developers alike will enjoy the functionality and flexibility that Loroe provides. Joomla extensions available for Loroe include widgetkit light, Google maps, news show Pro, as well as several other useful extensions. This fully functional and well-designed template is useful in a number of website and blog concepts.

Rammih - Jomsocial Joomla Template
16. Rammih

Here is a simple yet modern and extremely impressive template for Joomla that will turn heads. The name is Rammih and it is a highly responsive template that is perfectly optimized for tablet and other mobile platform integrations. Rammih is well suited for web design that focuses on sports, business and political formats. Customization is easy and simple with Rammih which is built on a powerful and effective T-3 framework. Key features include powerful slideshow modules, a quick start package, 6 color theme variations, as well as full functionality with all major browser types. In addition, the template is well integrated to work with all major browsers, as well as fully enabled to work with CSS and JS compression. One look at Rammih and its perfect suitability for sports, business and political formats makes it clear to designers that this is a top notch Joomla template.

Uneedo - Joomla 2.5 Theme
17. Uneedo

A very responsive Joomla template that is perfectly suited to SCO practices and optimization is known as Uneedo. The template offers an elegant and rich design featuring a revolutionary look that is perfect for community sites, social media sites or just about any other site concept. Uneedo was built on a Warp framework and offers literally dozens of styles and textures. In addition, Uneedo has over 50 module positions, a photo and portfolio gallery, full cross browser compatibility, as well as 60 or more administrative options. The template also features full HTML5 /CSS3 technology and a number of short code plug-ins such as rokCandy. Uneedo also features multiple page layout combinations, module popup widgets, and instant Ajax search. The possibilities are truly endless with the great template called Uneedo.

Diary - Joomla Responsive Template
18. Diary

Here is an interesting template that takes design to a new level. Diary has a special look and feel that is softer and gentler than what would be used for more robust business enterprise type designs. Diary is perfect for home and family type website concepts, as well as website and blog concepts that focus on women’s issues and female objectives. The template showcases a variety of features including full T-3 framework functionality, fully responsive design, unique display article detail in lightbox, full CSS and JavaScript compression, as well as JQuery masonary script. The Diary template is soft and light and perfect for the gentler approach to web and blog concepts. Designers and developers alike will appreciate this creative and very attractive soft-styled template.

Sauna - Joomla 2.5 Template
19. Sauna

Sauna is a truly elegant design that is highly responsive and well thought out. The template features full SEO optimization capabilities, a booking system, dozens of attractive background textures, over 60 admin options, as well as more than 50 module positions. Other features include lock tile colors, instant Ajax search, module pop-up widgets, nearly a dozen preset pages, and functionality for audio and video skins. The template comes with full documentation and is fully cross browser compatible with all major browsers. In addition, Sauna features fully flexible, moods and template widths, and is built on Warp framework. Sauna is a truly elegant template that is perfectly suited for blogs and websites that are dedicated to primarily health and beauty related issues. Designers of health and beauty sites will come to love this masterfully crafted template for use with Joomla.

AllNews - Premium Joomla Magazine Template
20. AllNews

AllNews is a fully integrated clean style template for Joomla with 5 layout homepage functionality and full video blog. The template has full support for audio and video and and fully integrates Google web font functionality. The template also uses Gantry framework and zoo blog. This highly scalable Joomla template is classic in look and is fully suitable for blogs dedicated to news and information, or magazine style websites that feature news type column structure. AllNews is truly a powerful content management system that features easy color change and easy layout change. Other features that designers will appreciate include layered PSD, multiple combinations of layouts and main body. With a clean and attractive look and full functionality this template is one that designers will be glad to explore. AllNews is perfectly tailored to news and magazine style blogs and websites.

These 20 newest Joomla themes for 2012 each have their own unique look and feel that will keep designers and developers happy for a long time to come. The Joomla platform is a very popular one that has grown to incorporate a wide range of themes and templates for designers who demand quality. Any designer or developer serious about producing a top quality website or blog will be well advised to look into these 20 new and interesting Joomla themes. All of these themes have one thing in common and that is that they are all highly flexible and offer exceptional functionality. Designing an attractive and intuitive website or blog that is easy to navigate and is effortlessly beautiful is possible when designers use the Joomla platform.

One of the most noticeable things about these beautifully crafted Joomla templates is that they are all creative and aesthetically pleasing to the discerning eye. Web and blog design has at its core digital art in its design concepts and these beautiful templates that we have reviewed all exhibit that core quality. When a template can merge art and functionality into a beautiful and highly useful design platform it has indeed served its purpose. Individuals, designers and web developers should take notice that these 20 new templates for Joomla are cutting-edge and state of the art works. Explore Joomla templates today.