9 Steps to Becoming a Top-Notch Designer

Not everyone is born with artistic skills. Many people spend years honing their craft. If you have any interest in becoming a graphic or web designer at all, here are a few ways to go about achieving your goal. Buy Books Image via Flickr by MorBCN This is a bit obvious, but the first place you should […]

4 Reasons Why Long Shadow Design is Trending

Long shadow is throwing shade at other design styles. The hype is real. This simple, flat design with a blocky, diagonal shadow extending from its main focal points is making rounds in multiple design genres. But, what makes long shadow design so trendy? Perhaps it’s just easy to replicate or maybe it’ll come and go […]

Five tips to create a great landing page

Taking into consideration the fact that a great landing page could increase the number of people that access your website, it is quite understandable why you would like to get more tips on how to design it. Well, this article aims at exposing the secrets of a remarkable landing page, so if this is what […]

Woo Your Visitors with Customized Magento Themes

Magento was launched with an aim to provide store owners an incredibly wide range of flexibility and control over the content, functionality and look of an Online Store. It is an open-source e-Commerce platform that provides these owners with a compact platform to manage their online sales with ease. There are various outsourcing firms that […]

45 Beautifully Designed Websites with Scrolling Effect

Scrolling effects are the newest trend in the graphic designing industry. It can be created by using specialized programs. Use of these modern techniques not only makes the design appear alluring, but also makes the website clutter free. The scrolling effect on the website helps in getting three dimensional effects on screen which will add […]