Cool WordPress Themes for Portfolio Websites

Dolphin - Responsive WordPress Theme

Dolphin is one of many new cool WordPress themes constantly being released by the WP community of theme authors. Among the features that users will get with the Dolphin theme is a fully responsive layout, meaning that it will work perfectly with a wide variety of different devices including tablets and mobile phones. The theme is also flexible in that users will also have unlimited color schemes from which to choose; Dolphin comes with a color picker specifically for this purpose so that the blogger can easily select the color they want to use to frame their content. Setting up Dolphin is made simple with the helpful demo content that comes with it. The demo shows users how display their own content. The theme also supports video files and there is documentation included to help users with this function. The Dolphin theme also comes ready for social sharing, as there are Flicker and Twitter widgets included with the theme.

Dolphin features:

* Responsive layout

* Color picker and endless page colors

* Ready to display video (with help files included)

* Social sharing widgets

Mistix - Minimalistic Portfolio WordPress Theme

The most important feature of the minimalist Mistix theme is how adaptable it is; a user can easily change any element of the page. The background color of pages as well as the fonts and the colors of text, even the link colors, can all be changed quickly and easily. One of the main features of Mistix is the recent posts section on the home page which allows users to see pictures and their descriptions without having to navigate away from that page. Users can determine how many posts visitors to the site see using this method. They also get to choose which types of content visitors get to see. Users can also choose how their content is formatted, as there are three different options for them to use. They can choose the most minimalist option, one with a standard blog layout or they may choose to format their website so that it looks like a portfolio. Users have two options for the portfolio format.

Mistix features:

* Five widgets that can be customized

* Portfolio items widget

* Thorough and extensive help documentation

* Users may display their own logo and/or favicon

* Multiple homepage layouts and post templates

CANO - Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme

The Cano WordPress theme is designed for easy customization and use by people with a wide variety of needs. It is made to be used for portfolios, private blogs and by photographers or even for business-related content. Cano is responsive and may be used on various devices, from tablet computers to regular PCs, without any changes in how the content is formatted. Users get sliders as well as various options for posting video from sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Cano features:

* Generates thumbnails automatically

* Customized posts for portfolios

* Generates shortcodes

* Unlimited colors and patterns

Exodus - WordPress Responsive Portfolio Theme

With Exodus, users can manage how their site looks directly from the front page itself. This means no more making changes and then checking to see how it looks on the front page. Users get to modify backgrounds and textures and see how they look as they are doing it. There is even the option to drag and drop elements while on the page. The clean and clutter-free look of Exodus makes it suitable for any purpose, ranging from use on a portfolio website to serving as a company’s platform for commercial content. Users of this cool WordPress theme also get a slideshow manager that allows them to simplify the process of setting up and modifying their sliders. There is no limit on sidebars with the Exodus theme, meaning that the user may place as many as they wish on a page and also put them wherever they like; it is also responsive and websites that use it can be viewed on a variety of different device types.

Exodus features:

* No limit on sidebars

* Self-host video files

* Generates shortcodes

* Drag and drop functionality on the front page

Prospector - Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

Prospector not only allows users to sort their content right on the front page, it also lets them modify basic elements of the site without needing any technical knowledge. The Prospector WordPress theme has an easy-to-use administrative panel where users can configure their background color, fonts and text colors without needing to mess with HTML or CSS. Prospector is easy to update and even comes with helpful customer service that will provide a user with any necessary help to get their portfolio website up and running.

Prospector features:

* Responsive design that works with various devices

* Portfolio items are easy to sort

* More than 200 fonts to choose from

* Unlimited page colors

* Generate shortcodes

Morphis - Responsive WP Theme

The minimalist Morphis WordPress theme is designed to serve as the perfect platform for showing off portfolio items. Not only is it responsive, it comes with an array of skins and layout options. Users get to choose between layouts that show small images or ones that show all the content. They also get to select two, three or four-column layouts. There is even an option that has three columns and a sidebar. The Morphis theme can be used as a standard blog or for displaying items in a portfolio.

Morphis features:

* AJAX contact form

* AJAX portfolio

* Multiple layouts

* Multiple skins and color options

* Two different types of sliders

* Icons for social media sites

Quiven - Portofolio WordPress Theme

The mobile responsive slideshow is Quiven’s main feature and can be used to display both images and video. Users can choose how they want the slides to transition and how they want them to zoom, and they can also caption their slides. Quiven is responsive and adapts to the visitor’s screen resolution depending on the device they are using. The over 30 shortcodes to give a user the ability to adapt the theme as they wish. The Quiven WordPress theme also features a contact form that is embedded, as well as a contact form widget.

Quiven features:

* Ease of homepage modifications

* Choice of post formats

* Multiple customizable widgets

* Portfolio may be filtered

Nostalgia - WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Nostalgia WordPress theme is minimalist and adaptable to any type of content. The theme can be used for a business website or for a personal blog. A user can display videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and there is also a built-in portfolio page template with Lightbox. The scrolling menu can be used to show as many pages as they wish. Nostalgia is responsive and will adapt so it can be viewed perfectly on different mobile devices.

Nostalgia features:

* Customizable theme that includes color picker

* Multiple social media icons

* Responsive backgrounds

* Users can have as many pages as they wish

Energic - Responsive Portfolio WP Theme

Users of the Energic WP theme get a cool WordPress theme that is a clutter-free showcase for their portfolio items that also includes a slider that can be used on any of the website’s pages. Energic resizes pictures automatically and users can manage their sidebar via the theme’s own sidebar manager. In addition to the standard page templates, there is also the option to implement different backgrounds for different pages. Energic is responsive and is designed to be adapted to any type of content, personal or commercial.

Energic features:

* Different backgrounds may be used for different pages

* Multiple templates for pages

* Automatic resizing of images

* Comments are threaded

Exotico - 1200p Responsive WP Theme

Exotico is a fully responsive WordPress theme and features more than 30 shortcodes and a shortcode generator. Users also get a sidebar generator and can have an unlimited number of sidebars on their website. The number of portfolios they can have is also unlimited. The site comes ready for search engine optimization and for sharing on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Exotico comes with support for video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and there are multiple ways that users can format their posts.

Exotic features:

* AJAX contact form

* Sidebar generator

* Social media support

Organic - Responsive Premium WordPress Theme

The layout of the Organic WP theme is fully responsive and may also be modified easily without any technical know-how. Users have the ability to alter the skins, background and color of their website and also have the option of implementing any of the multiple layouts that may be used on any page. Organic’s portfolio supports video from external sites and has a gallery page where content on the website may be sorted. Organic comes with a collapsible portfolio listing page and users can implement an unlimited number of sidebars.

Organic features:

* Unlimited sidebars

* Built in 404 page

* Multiple layout options

* Technical support

* Fully responsive

Entity - Retina Display Responsive WordPress Theme

Not only is Entity fully responsive, the sliders used in this WordPress theme work especially well on touchscreen devices like iPads and those using the Android operating system. Entity is designed to be viewed on high definition displays, like the new retina display on the recently updated MacBook Pro 15 inch model and iPhone 4S. The color and (unlimited) background options provided allow users to adapt the theme to complement their content. Entity is not limited in the types of content it can be used to display either, as it comes with the ability to showcase internal video and audio files. Entity is optimized for search engines, therefore promoting content via this method should not be a hassle.

Entity features:

* Fully responsive, including the sliders

* More than 30 shortcodes

* Thorough, user-friendly documentation

* Unlimited background options

* SEO ready

There you have a quick round-up of some of the newest and coolest WordPress themes available today. Check them out and more in your theme gallery which makes finding your perfect theme easy as pie whether you are searching for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or even ExpressionEngines themes.