Guest Posting Your Way to Blog Success

When you first start your blog, finding ways to bring in consistent traffic can be a major challenge. One way that many newbie bloggers have made this transition easier is by guest posting. So, what is guest posting? Well, essentially, it means that you offer to write a blog post for another website. The post […]

Three Important On-Page SEO Factors You Can’t Ignore

Many website owners think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as something that’s done behind the scenes; building links and driving traffic to your website in order to gain favor and credibility with Google. However, although what you do off your page is extremely important and definitely shouldn’t be ignored, one of the biggest mistakes that […]

SEO Tips: Time vs. Money

For many business and website owners, SEO is still seen as something that is too expensive to get into. This is both correct and incorrect; yes, SEO can be very expensive, but you don’t have to have a big budget in order to optimize your site and get your SEO performance up. SEO is always […]

20 wonderful Blogger themes

A good design remains a good design, no matter the context. It’s obvious that the content is the one that makes the difference, but it’s extremely difficult for an average user to identify useful pieces of information when dealing with a poor design. The widespread idea that quality will always shine and it will be […]

A Brief Overview to Successful Freelance Theme Development

Let’s face it – the morning commute, the difficulties with your boss, your snarky co-workers, and the list goes on – these things make working at home look so appealing. Selling WordPress and Blogger themes is a great way to earn income and finally ditch that dead-end 9-5. Design students especially have a unique opportunity […]

25 wonderful and fresh Blogger themes

WordPress is probably the most used platform for blogging, but it has very competitive “rivals” which many bloggers appreciate and therefore use. Blogger is a service offered by Google and and since it is accompanied by such a great name it is seen as a reliable product. These two platforms have many common features, but […]

Best New Blogger Templates and Premium Themes

1. Festzeit – Responsive HTML5 Template for Blogger One of a breed wonderful new Blogger templates, Festzeit, is perfect for any venue hosting exhibitions of art and music, and offers a trim, streamlined design with a built-in event calendar. It also includes a commenting platform and Google-based contact and map functionality. Festzeit catches the eye […]

Best Premium Blogger Themes and Templates

1. Sandal Jepit If you are using a blog to show off your portfolio, you will want one with a theme that does not distract from your work. Sandal Jepit is a Blogger template that that has a simple clutter-free style to accent your work rather than outshine it. The clean look of this template […]