Best WP Themes for Non-profit, Church, Political, or Charity websites

Risen - Responsive Church WordPress Theme
11 – Risen

Risen is one of the best WordPress church themes that is not only responsive to mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, etc), but also to the needs of perspective users. It was absolutely designed to be a strong blogging theme for churches and ministries, but many of its powerful features can be customized to work for any WP user that might need strong multi-media management and presentation. Steven Gliebe, the theme author, provides awesome support through over 30 pages of theme documentation and even walk-through videos to help users easily implement this religious theme.

  • Sermon archive that can easily be re-purposed
  • Church events calendar and management
  • Staff and parishioner profiles and news feature
  • Fonts and colors fully customizeable, easily upload your own logo
  • Easily support multiple locations with directions and map integration

Ray of Light - Theme for Religious Movements
10 – Ray of Light

As the title suggests, Ray of Light is perfectly suited for religious-themed blogs and websites. The default header graphic features magnificent artwork of doves amidst clear skies. Ray of Light is predominantly white colored and has the requisite navigation bar to allow easy access to the site as well as a custom slider to highlight your most important images, posts, and pages. The predominant feature of the theme is an optional rosary image that wraps around the edge of the slider and a Calvary Hill graphic that is located on the bottom right of the page, denoting that the website is a predominantly Christian blog. With social contacts, shortcuts, about us, latest entries, and a lot more unique options, Ray of Light is an excellent theme choice for the spiritual niche.


  • Image is automatically resized
  • Manage photo gallery easily
  • Support for multiple widgets
  • More than 20 shortcodes
  • Control panel for Orange Themes framework

9 – Campaign

Campaign - Political WordPress Theme

Running for office has never been easy. Thankfully, Campaign seeks to make the difficult road ahead less stressful. The theme is specifically geared to help you win an election and serve as your online base of operations. It has a patriotic red-white-and-blue color scheme with a navigation bar and featured posts slider. Campaign is notable for its Email Capture plugin which allows you to easily collect the emails of your constituents, its Events Calendar plugin which highlights key gatherings, debates, or press conferences that your party might have in the future, and a donation button that lets willing supporters contribute to your cause. With a whole bunch of other customizable options, Campaign is one of the best themes to energize your political career.


  • Support for langauge translation
  • Boxed and full-width styles
  • 4 color schemes
  • Geared for events and email collection
  • Automatically resizes for widgets
  • jQuery slider and hover effects
  • YouTube and Vimeo embedding

8 – Ecclesia

Ecclesia - WordPress Theme for Church Websites

Letting your church grow requires that you reach out to your local community and get people to attend your services. Ecclesia makes it easier by providing churches with the perfect WordPress theme for spreading the message online. It has 5 color schemes, the default of which is a solid denim blue and white mix, and a layout that allows you complete control in organizing your site’s design and widget arrangement. The theme has a standard navigation bar for easy access, a featured posts and images slider, and content areas for the church’s schedule of services, latest news and sermons, about us entry, and links to social media tools. Ecclesia is a theme that can take your church website to higher ground.


  • Typography and shortcode functionality
  • Customizable color styles and background
  • 17 custom widgets
  • Multiple layout combinations

7 – WordPress Church

WordPress Church Theme

WordPress Church is a tried-and-tested church theme that has been available for more than three years. However, its design and simplicity is still a breath of fresh air. WordPress Church is a fairly minimalist theme that features a predominantly blue-and-brown color scheme. The footer showcases a Calvary Hill graphic that denotes the Christian nature of the website. Furthermore, WordPress Church has a dominant features slider as well as default pages for news and events, media, ministries, and a pastor’s blog. The predominant aspect of the theme is the “I’m New” banner that newbies can click on to quickly find out the gist of your website. WordPress Church doesn’t clutter the screen and is an incredibly user-friendly theme for first-time visitors.


  • Featured items on home page
  • “News & Events” and “Pastor’s Blog” special pages
  • “I’m New” banner for newbies
  • Organized sidebar sub-page listings
  • Custom tool-tip class to personalize links
  • Social bookmarks for sharing posts and articles

6 – Wisdom of Life

Wisdom of Life - NGO and Charity Theme

For the philanthropist, NGO, and charity organization wanting to make an impact either locally or internationally, Wisdom of Life is an excellent website theme choice. Wisdom of Life contains many of the needed aspects a non-profit organization would find helpful. These include a standard navigation bar, a features slider, an upcoming event area complete with countdown clock, news feeds and videos, a donation button with a progress bar towards a monetary goal, and social media tools. Wisdom of Life displays and organizes all the information needed onscreen in a manner visually appealing to the visitor. Taking online charity to the next level requires a decent website theme, and Wisdom of Life is among the best.


  • NivoSlider enabled
  • 3 level jQuery dropdown menu
  • PSD files included
  • Customizable color skins
  • Extremely wide design variability
  • Compatible on all browsers
  • Documentation included
  • Facebook Page “like” box enabled

5 – Born

Born - The WordPress Theme for Churches

Born is a neat and content-rich theme that is well-suited for church websites. The default color scheme is an attractive brown-and-white mix against a classy wooden floorboard background. The distinguishing factor of Born is the unique features slider that not only highlights posts and pages but also integrates photo galleries, streaming audio, and even video clips. Born also contains a helpful navigation bar, an upcoming event blurb complete with countdown timer, text blocks, online donation box, recent posts, media and social networking tools, and a contact us form complete with Google Maps. Born is also ideal for event-based blogs and is more adaptable and attractive than the majority of themes.


  • Home page slider for media files
  • Efficient and quick redesigning
  • Photo galleries enabled
  • Videos and podcasts support
  • Special news and events section
  • Contact form for your visitors

4 – WP-Church

WP-Church - Powerful Theme for Churches

Community, events and church-related blogs and websites will find all they need in WP-Church. This theme is possibly the best one out there in terms of integrating all manner of information related to growing and strengthening your online group. WP-Church utilizes a beautiful brown-and-white scheme with a wooden floorboard background. It has a standard navigation bar as well as a features slider. Furthermore, a live audio playback can be prominently placed in the home page and can be used for showcasing the sermon or bible verse of the day. Upcoming events and their dates as well as the latest news, newsletter subscription forms, and social media tools are organized into their own columns. WP-Church packs quite a punch due to its flexibility and options, and everything about it is worth its price.


  • Varied and user-friendly administration panel
  • Changeable slideshow
  • Google Maps support
  • Automatic scripture finder enabled
  • Unique sermon gallery enabled
  • Gallery with countdown timer enabled
  • Upcoming events widget

3 – WordPress Aid

WordPress Aid - Charity Blog Theme

You won’t need any help in launching your charity website when you’ve got WordPress Aid doing all the work for you. This theme is specifically built to get your message across and will draw in as many visitors and donations as possible. WordPress Aid uses a solid red-and-white color scheme with a geographic map of the world as background, as well as a symbol closely patterned after the Red Cross next to the title of your blog or website. The theme has an excellent features slider and navigation bar. Prominently displayed are a Breaking News alert bar, a donation section, your organization’s mission, social media tools, and the logos of your sponsors, if any. The theme doesn’t waste any valuable space and makes sure your visitors see the vision and purpose of your philanthropic efforts as soon as they click on your site. WordPress Aid is definitely the best charity theme out there. One look at it clearly shows why.


  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Donation area enabled
  • Special call-to-action message
  • Special emergency alert box
  • Unlimited color options
  • Customizable parallax slider
  • Create special logos

2 – WordPress Politico

WordPress Politico - WP Political Theme

WordPress Politico features a white-and-blue color scheme and plenty of options for tweaking your online campaign to fit your constituents’ needs and tastes. The theme contains a standard navigation bar, a donation button, and a features slider that can integrate welcome messages, embedded videos, posts, and pages. Right below the slider is an election countdown area which displays the remaining time until the big day. The theme neatly organizes content and contains more than enough space for widgets to increase a volunteer base and potential voter count. WordPress Politico is the definitely the future politician’s most trustworthy website theme.


  • Unlimited banner colors schemes
  • Unique “Donate Now” button
  • Election countdown timer included
  • Nivo Slider and Dual Slider slideshow options included
  • Design your campaign logo

1 – Light of Peace

Light of Peace - WordPress Church Template

If The Last Judgement is the best adornment of the Sistine Chapel, then Light of Peace would be its online equivalent for church websites. This magnificent theme takes the top pick due to its minimalist style that keeps the screen free from clutter but nonetheless displays all the necessary information succinctly. Light of Peace uses a blue-white-and-brown color scheme with a standard navigation bar and a features slider. It also contains a content area that displays the next worship schedule of your church along with a short message. Furthermore, the theme neatly organizes future events such as weddings and other services into categories and tabs. There is an online prayer request box, as well as a newsletter subscription form along with other social media tools. Light of Peace will leave you feeling completely satisfied with your choice. Guaranteed.

  • jQuery slider included
  • Up to 4 color schemes
  • jQuery drop down menu
  • Cufon text replacement enabled
  • Pop up window included


  1. Hey you overlooked … Bill Robbins provided a great set of commercial themes and I use them for all my sites.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Thanks for letting us know about Bill’s themes – we do try and catch everyone that we can, but occasionally we are going to miss people.


  2. Steven Gliebe says:

    Thanks for mentioning my Risen theme. It’s the highest rated of 25 church themes on ThemeForest. I’ve release a new one based on that experience called Resurrect at Would you add it to this list with the others?