Best WordPress Themes for Fundraising

The vast majority of charity and not-for-profit organizations rely on fundraising to achieve organizational goals: whether for individual events, to help fund programmes, or to help make individual impacts. But thanks to the popularization of venues like GoFundMe or Kickstarter, many individuals might find good cause to build a small website for fundraising. Schools with limited budgets can help raise funds for major projects, community groups can raise money for events or improvements, entrepreneurs can fundraise rather than hunt for business loans: the options are endless!

But don’t head out to check the best free website builders for fundraising just yet! WordPress can be the best framework for hosting a fundraising site because it’s free to set up and easy to use. Once fundraising goals are complete, the framework and theme can be adjusted to change to site to a business or event site instead, making seamless transitions when needed. And fortunately, WordPress has several excellent themes designed with fundraising in mind. Most of the themes listed below are premium, meaning they request a small fee; but it can be possible to find free WordPress themes for fundraising.

Charitas WordPress Theme


A polished, streamlined, and relatively simple theme, Charitas is a WordPress theme designed for use by charities, NGOs, and other organizations or individuals which require a theme with built-in widgets which handle aspects of fundraising. Among its top fundraising features is a progress bar which shows the progress of specific campaigns. It also has social share plugged in, and an easy options page to customize its look and feel. Like most WordPress themes these days, it’s fully responsive and compatible with any browser, and integrates easily with PayPal to accept donations for a specific cause.

Charity Life WordPress Theme


The Charity Life theme is another premium theme which is meant to provide many fundraising functions. Unlike several other great themes, Charity Life comes with dedicated updates and support, and its developers have an additional tier of purchase which includes theme installation by its builders. On top of many other perks, the Charity Life theme is optimized for speed, plugged into PayPal for easy donations, and is multilanguage ready. It has an automatic progress bar for fundraising campaigns which is updated after each donation or payment, and has an impressive roster of shortcodes to help add unique functions to create a dynamic look for your fundraising website.

Heal WordPress Theme


The Heal theme, though specifically build with non-profit organizations in mind, can be a great theme to use for fundraising. Built with bootstrap and HTML5, it’s a top-tier theme that offers the latest and greatest in terms of web-design trends, including parallax functions, different layout options, and more. Heal is a one-page theme, meaning clicks on the menu direct visitors to different portions of the home page, which allow swift loading and reduced dropoffs. Fundraising campaigns can be designated by amazing parallax sliders, options on the owl carousel, or by other means. It’s also got several premium options wrapped in the theme, including the Isotope Gallery, specialized Paypal options, and intuitive calendars. Heal has a very easy-to-use administrator dashboard, a pricing table shortcode for organizations which either sell items or provide different levels of fundraising donations, and even comes optimized for great SEO right out of the box.

Other Considerations

A great theme can help promote a fundraising project beautifully and efficiently, but anyone intending to launch a website for fundraising should consider other issues as well before launching. For example, how to expose more people to your fundraiser? What copywriting might yield higher donations? Website marketing, SEO, or PPC should always be budgeted into opening a fundraising website to ensure it nets the most funds possible, and split-testing colors, fonts, copywriting, and other details can net dramatically higher donations.