Going Gaga over Google Analytics Plugins – Six Greats for Your WP Site

Today, Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most commonly used tools to monitor your website statistics. WordPress, the most popular content-publishing software, offers several plugins to integrate Google Analytics into your webpage. WordPress Google Analytics plugins range from simply adding the GA tracking code to customizing the WordPress administrator panel. Here are six great plugins to add Google Analytics into your WordPress website. Also, check out these gallery plugins that we covered in an earlier article on the site, plugins everywhere this Holiday season!

Pro Google Analytics Tools for WordPress

Track your social actions of Facebook and Twitter not just user visits with Pro Google Analytics Tool. This Google Analytics plugin for WordPress also tracks internal website search statistics and downloads – presenting the data all within your WP admin area. Also within WordPress it can show you extensive reports about an individual post or page – very powerful Search Engine Optimization and Marketing information.

Google Analytics for WordPress is one of the most comprehensive plugins for Google Analytic integration. Using asynchronous analytic tracking code, the plugin provides the most reliable and fastest Google Analytic tracking code offered. The easy one-click installation supports custom placement of tracking code, automatic site tracking and event tracking. In addition, you can track outbound links and downloads as page views, use custom variables to help track visitor preferences and Meta data.

Google Analyticator

With the Google Analyticator plugin there is no need to edit code before logging, the required JavaScript code enables Google Analytics logging on any WordPress website. View recent website statistics directly from your website using a front-end widget or from the dashboard in the administrator section. The plugin uses the latest asynchronous analytic tracking code, supports outbound links and downloads tracking, website speed tracking and advance tracking codes provided by Google.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Although Google Analytics Dashboard does not offer the tracking code for Google Analytics, it allows you to view your analytical data in the WordPress dashboard. Integrating Google Charts, the dashboard provides detailed statistics and information about the number of visitors, visits, organic searches, bounce rates and pages per visit. In addition, you can allow other users to view dashboard information or embed data into posts or your theme. This plugin is ideal for tracking website performance without logging into Google Analytics daily.

Googlyzer - Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Creating an administrative dashboard to WordPress, the Googlyzer plugin uses micro-charts for tracking website statistics from Google Analytics for each of your domains. With customizable options, the asynchronous analytic tracking code automatically loads in the header or footer of WordPress code. The home dashboard widget is customizable with selected key metrics, popular page stats, charts and tables. For the main dashboard, choose to display charts, tables, historical data, date range trends or Meta data for each of your domains. In addition, you can customize the colors, size and dimensions of the charts and tables.

Google Analytics Plugin

The Google Analytics Plugin is a simple, lightweight file designed to enable or disable Google Analytics tracking from your WordPress website. Once the plugin activates, simply add your Google Analytics property ID in the setting page and get started. With a user-friendly interface and toggling panels, the plugin inserts tracking code on all theme pages with the latest asynchronous tracking code.

Carolyn Google Analytics

Carolyn Google Analytics is a simple, minimal plugin that inserts a Google Analytics tracking code in your WordPress website. Since the Google Analytics code is stored as a site setting, theme files will not need any changes. In addition, because the Google Analytics code is not embedded for logged-in users your visitor count will not be inflated; therefore providing you with an accurate count.


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