Best New JavaScript Plugins of 2012

Instant Website and Blog Translator
1. Instant Website & Blog Translator

Instead of having to rely on Google Translate or any other external website translator, why not install a fast JavaScript plugin translator right on your webpage? This is what Instant Website & Blog Translator offers to developers or for those in search of an effective and versatile translation solution that their international visitors can easily use. This unique JavaScript plug-in automatically translates all of your website’s text, from buttons and headers to entire paragraphs. This plug-in also comes with free access to a translation service that offers unlimited websites and unlimited translations, with support for all ISO 639 -1 languages. It’s easy to set up and easy to translate websites without any additional server requests.

jNotify Plugin
2. jNotify Plugin

jQuery Purr Notify is an extraordinarily simple alert and notification plug-in that is just as simple to implement and customize. It offers notification elements that are completely styled in CSS and extraordinarily easy to modify. With this plug-in, you get common alerts, dialogue prompts success messages and error messages. You have these messages say whatever you want and appear unobtrusively on your webpages. jQuery Purr Notify is compatible with all browsers, plus it also comes with free support.

IA Slider - jQuery Image Gallery Plugin
3. IA Slider – jQuery Image Plugin

If you’re looking for a slider that offers stunning visual effects, then look no further. This latest addition offers a fantastic way to display images and other content while enjoying cross browser compatibility and excellent performance. It also offers support for a lot of unique features, including the “Ken Burns” camera effect and a blur effect. IA Slider features support for all browsers, and it also offers support for Vimeo and YouTube videos. It even comes with a PSD template for further customization possibilities. While IA Slider offers a plethora of features, it maintains a svelte footprint when it comes to resources.

jCountdown Mega Package
4. jCountdown Mega Package

If you need to count down to a special event, here’s the plug-in that would do just that and much more. The jCountdown Mega Package features several highly customizable countdown timers that are easy to implement and extraordinarily easy to customize. You have a vast number of jQuery properties at your disposal to edit as you see fit, giving you the ability to change the style, color, time zone and many other aspects of your timer. The jCountdown Mega Package also comes with a layered PSD file used to create more unique countdown timer variations.

jQuery ViewBox HTML5 media browser
5. jQuery ViewBox HTML5 Revolution – Media Browser

Here’s an excellent jQuery LightBox script that offers excellent support for YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video services. jQuery ViewBox HTML5 Revolution is a fast and straightforward media browser capable of displaying both photo galleries and videos, thanks in large part to its AJAX and jQuery underpinnings. Features include a responsive ViewBox window, built-in JW Player, keyboard support and the ability to create your own custom controls. Thanks to CSS, you have easy customization at your fingertips. With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons, visitors get to interact and share your videos and photos with others.

Dimension 3D Portfolio Gallery
6. Dimension 3D Portfolio Gallery

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective portfolio gallery, you should take a look at this one. Based mostly on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5, Dimension 3D Portfolio Gallery happens to be the perfect platform to show off your work thanks to its relative simplicity. The outstanding 3D animated filters selection as plenty of motion and depth to otherwise static galleries, offering visitors a dynamic and energetic display of your hard work. The advanced features of Dimension 3D Portfolio Gallery are compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 10. Visitors using other browsers will see a non-3D portfolio gallery, instead.

Grooveplayer - jQuery Music Player
7. Grooveplayer – jQuery Music Player

We’ve covered lots of great musician themes and band templates, and know that music lovers need great music playing options. Welcome Grooveplayer, a new JavaScript plugin, that has an awesome Grooveshark look with easy installation that allows custom background album art. Play your MP3 and other multimedia with Grooveplayer.

jQuery Push Menu
8. jQuery Push Menu

Created with a high-tech, sophisticated style in mind, Push Menu offers a cross-browser compliant menu with plenty of unique features. Not only do you get fantastic animated sub menus that operate courtesy of jQuery, you also get the ability to modify these menus with amazing ease. Push Menu also allows you to easily embed videos, images and other elements. This plug-in is also capable of working on a variety of mobile browsers. If you’re in need of a dynamic menu that offers an excellent combination of performance and utility, this is the one that should catch your interest.

Points Calculator
9. Points Calculator

If you are in need of a quick and simple calculator to display points and rewards, here’s one that does the trick. This plug-in is capable of working with iPad and other mobile devices. With Points Calculator, you can easily create a point formula and use it to tally up points for various rewards and other items. You don’t have to have any knowledge of jQuery to modify any aspect of the Points Calculator – it is that easy to modify. The included showcase allows unlimited HTML content and items. It also comes with a full PSD file for further customization.

jQuery Slider Responsive JavaScript Plugin
10. jQuery Slider Ken Burns Effect Fully Responsive

Here is another jQuery plug-in that utilizes the famous “Ken Burns” effect, named for the technique used extensively by American documentarian Ken Burns. This plug-in comes in four variations that offer different viewpoints: fixed dimensions, full width, full screen and sidebar banners. There is also a responsive version available that easily accommodates touch screen navigation on mobile devices.

jQuery Slick Menu for iDevices
11. jQuery Slick Menu

jQuery Slick Menu offers a lightweight and configurable animated menu that can be embedded on almost any website with relative ease. There are plenty of configurations available – developers can change fonts, colors and even the animation settings. This menu is also capable of accommodating touchscreen navigation on mobile devices.

MWConsole - jQuery UI Console Widget
12. MWConsole – jQuery UI Console Widget

MWConsole is a lightweight jQuery user interface widget that you can use to create a console widget for your HTML pages. It features an easy-to-understand user interface and command list, with command history. All you have to do is enter a command and press “enter.”

Interactive Maze Background
13. Interactive Maze Background

If you’re searching for a fun little time-waster, you should probably consider this interesting interactive maze script. It works on just about any website, and it sits quietly in the background, so it doesn’t intrude on any other content. This interactive maze can even solve itself automatically whenever it’s left alone. To get involved, all you have to do is click on the background and move the avatar using the arrow keys. Every time the page is loaded, it loads a completely new maze. Your visitors will definitely get a kick out of this interesting and challenging background game.

3D Pie Chart JavaScript Plugin
14. 3D Pie Chart with JavaScript

You don’t have to rely on Flash for pie charts any longer. Cool 3D Pie Chart is a useful plug-in that uses JavaScript and jQuery to create vivid and flexible pie charts in both static and animated variants. The best thing about this plug-in is that you don’t have to have knowledge in JavaScript or VML to make any modifications. It’s extraordinarily easy to customize this pie chart to your exact specifications. You can even change the position, depth, height and radius of the pie, along with the colors and tooltip backgrounds.

JavaScript Pinterest Plugin
15. jQuery pinterest style gallery plugin

Pinterest and jQuery come together to create an JavaScript plugin that shows off your favorite images in a popular format. Not only do you get a gallery that closely mimics the famous Pinterest layout, you also get plenty of support for YouTube and Vimeo video. You won’t have to worry about older browsers not showing the CSS3 animations correctly, since this plug-in gracefully degrades when viewed in unsupported browsers. Other features include optional callback animation delay and animation transition style. This plug-in gives you the opportunity to add a spectacular gallery to just about any website you have, and definitely qualifies as one of the best JavaScript plugins of 2012.