7 Reasons Why Your Website Has to Work on a Mobile Phone

pic1Being on the go is the way that most people operate today. Being on the go means that you will not always have the space that you would like to carry a large personal laptop. In lieu of a laptop, most people will carry around other devices. Some of these are mobile phones or tablets. Most smart phones and mobile devices were created to help access the Internet without needing a large screen. Website owners should be aware of the fact that everyone who attempts to access their website will not be accessing the site through a personal computer. The website will more than likely be accessed through a tablet or mobile phone regularly.

For website owners, this means optimizing the web page for mobile phone usage. Here are seven reasons why your website should work on a mobile phone.

1) Phones are more popular than computers

While there are still people who operate without having a personal computer inside of their home, it is rarer to find a person who does not have a cellular phone. The default cellular phone that is being released by manufacturers is a smart phone. Smart phones have internet access, and can access and load webpages as fast as many computers. So, while you may be building your website on a computer, you must build the site with mobile access in mind.

2) People Often Order on the Go

If you offer commodities on your website, having a website that can be accessed via a mobile phone can greatly increase your revenue. If you sell items, the website should be created as a mobile user friendly website. Allowing mobile phone customers to be able to browse, select items, and check out with little hassle can increase your revenue.

3) People Prefer Phones While Relaxing

When people tend to relax, they may not bring their personal laptop with them. This means that a person who is relaxing in bed, or in their living room may not take their computer, but they are likely to have their phone. A customer who is browsing may run across your website and decide to patronize your service.pic2

4) Mobile Friendly Sites are Easy to Build

There are website themes that are available to build websites. Some of these themes already operate as mobile friendly design. These designs translate well on a mobile phone and allow the buttons and screen scaling to match what you would like when it comes to mobile access.

5) It will be Easy for You to Access

Customers are not the only people who need to access the website on the go. Building a mobile friendly website will make it easy for you to access as well. If you wish to log into your website while on the go, with a mobile friendly site, you can log in an access the control panel of the website. During downtime in a commute or while caught in the city, you will be able to access your website and make changes or contact customers as you need to. As a business owner, being available in a number of different ways is necessary to best serve customers. A mobile friendly site will help you to serve them through your phone as well.

6) Bug Finding and Set Up is Easy

There is little reason to stall making the transition to a mobile friendly website. It is easy to make changes to a website in order to be more mobile friendly. Contrary to popular belief, bugs are not a major issue when making this kind of change to a website. BugFinders.com is a website that can help you sort out any bugs that may be found in your software. If there are any bugs found, you can get a quick fix in order to set up your website design properly.

7) Your Conversions may Increase

pic4When you go from a design that was not mobile friendly to a sign that is easily accessible via a smart phone, you may be able to keep customers on your website a little longer. Customers who access websites via their mobile phone and happen upon a design that is not mobile user friendly will often quickly click away and instead look for another site. After implementing a mobile friendly design, you may find that users come to the website and stay a longer time. This is likely to increase your sales and your repeat visitors.

Changing over to a mobile friendly design is a top priority for website owners. Make sure that you have the job done professionally, in order to make sure that the website is performance friendly. Once you have a new mobile design, watch closely to your stats and any sales increases.