5 Secrets to Building a Brilliant Business Instagram

Despite what some people would have you believe, Instagram is not just for selfies and stalking. The social network now has over 500 million active users every month. This stunning fact means that businesses that want to connect with the public need to be part of the action. Because Instagram is still a relatively new arrival to the marketing sphere, it is not always readily apparent how it ought to be used. If you attempting to build your business’s Instagram account, then abiding by the following guidelines should lead you to some satisfying results.


  1. Tell a Story

Everyone loves a good story, and thanks to Instagram’s newest feature, you can tell yours to your customers. Basically, stories take all of the pictures you add throughout a single day and compile them into a slideshow format. Special tools allow you to add doodles and captions to your pictures for some extra spice. Because each story disappears after 24 hours, people who get the chance to view them feel like they are part of an exclusive secret.
Businesses can use the story feature to their advantage by offering sneak peeks of new product lines or behind-the scenes looks at daily operations. Followers who enjoy the content of your stories are more likely to check your account regularly for updates. As they become more invested in your daily tales, their loyalty to your brand will increase, which should translate into better business for you.

  1. Likable Pictures

Having a strong following is all about having engaging content, and on Instagram, the most important type of content is the pictures. You have to have pictures that people want to look at, plain and simple. Luckily, the latest smart phones make it easier than ever to take clear and attractive pictures, which you can make even more appealing by adding filters. You should set out to create images that visually combine the products or services your company offers with the personality that you want it to convey.
For example, food tech company hamptoncreek features close-up shots of its products, as well as recipes you can make using these products. Chunky cookie dough, savory salads, and lively pastas all sit on dazzling display. Shot against brightly colored backdrops, these pictures convey the company’s upbeat and forward-thinking personality. You can’t help but smile when you scroll through these offerings, and before long you start to want to taste those foods for yourself.

  1. Clever Captions

Even though Instagram is primarily an instrument for showcasing pictures, do not discount the importance of the captions. Viewers are much more likely to remember photos if they are accompanied by interesting or humorous text. When you use captions to explain or elaborate upon your pictures, the points that you hope to make will have a significantly greater impact. Captions are also useful for showing off your company’s unique personality, as well as for sharing links to your other sites.

  1. Hashtag Winning

Hashtags are the icing on the cake for your finely constructed content. This is because they help you connect with people who do not follow you yet. According to Forbes, there are three optimal types of hashtags for businesses to use: Hashtags that are generally attractive to other users, hashtags that turn up in common searches, and hashtags that are specifically related to your products or services. If you add multiple hashtags, then you will have multiple ways of reaching potential followers.

  1. Follow Back

Using the preceding tactics will likely cause you to gain some new followers before long. Once that happens, don’t forget to reciprocate. Your customers will be pleased to see that you are following them back, which will make them more likely to respond to your efforts at interaction. Being able to see what your customers are up to can also be a useful mode of market research.
Picture Perfect:
When planning and executing your company’s social media strategies, it is important to remember that Instagram is both a professional tool and a creative outlet. You need to post content that is targeted towards helping you meet your business goals, but you should have as much fun as you can while doing it. People use Instagram to relax and connect, so construct your account with that in mind. Snap some pictures, slap on some filters, and add captions and hashtags that make you smile. Before long, you could be on your way to being Instafamous.