5 Best BlackBerry Apps for Graphic Designers

New technologies are making life much simpler for graphic designers, and there are some great apps available for controlling your business, getting your life in order and succeeding in the graphic design field. It also can help build your brand. Here are the five best BlackBerry apps for graphic designers.

1. Palettes Lite


Image via celestinacarmen.blogspot.com

Palettes Lite is the free version of the full software package, but it still has a huge amount of usability and is a more comprehensive tool than ColorRef. With Palettes Lite,  you will be able to create a color scheme with color codes, sliders, photos, or the color wheel.

The app is also shows complimentary colors and allows for new pallets to be created based on the merging of other colors. This great app also has a huge online palette sharing location where you can browse and download other user create color pallets.

2. ColorRef


Image via webdesign.about.com

ColorRef is a simple easy to use color scheme reference tool for graphic designers who like to match up color schemes while out and about. Sometimes in a moment of design inspiration you may want to check the compatibility of colors you are intending to use, and this is where ColorRef comes in.

The app can convert RGB, Hex or even CoreGraphics formatting, meaning that you can source colors from a variety of locations. There are some great online resources teaching about effective use of color schemes in web design if this is an area that you need more help with.

3. Evernote


Image via Wikimedia Commons

Hands down one of the best organizational apps out there, Evernote is a comprehensive tool that can be accessed from any device, even newer ones like the BlackBerry Q10, making it ideal for graphic designers who are always on the go. Simply make notes and memos on whatever device you like and then once saved, you can retrieve anywhere anytime.

With a few little add-ons you can also save webpages, bookmarks and create reading lists to refer back to. The premium edition ofEvernote has some extremely useful features such as note and file sharing as well as many other tools.

4. SAP TimeSheet Lite


Image via appfinder.lisisoft.com

If you are the kind of designer who needs help with time management, client rates and other office work, then this app will be a nice addition to your BlackBerry device. TimeSheet Lite is a free version to the full package, and it allows you to track time sheets, project details and client details so that you never have to worry about forgetting to log down your work again.

The full version has some really neat tools that will help to keep you on track up to date with clients.

5. Storage Made Easy


Image via storagemadeeasy.com

Many graphic designers work from a variety of locations, which can lead to a messy trail of files, documents and media. Storage Made Easy consolidates your file storage into one central point so you can get access to it from whichever device you are using, meaning that whether you are at your desk or on the train, you will never be without your files.

Mobile devices makes life easier for graphic designers, and the fact that you can use these apps from any place makes them even more convenient for those working in various locations.