25 of the newest WordPress Corporate Themes

Davrack - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme
1. Davrack

The Davrack WordPress theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of blog-publishing purposes ranging from a personal blog to a corporate WordPress blog. Furthermore, the valid HTML5 code used to create it makes it viewable on all major browsers. Want your site to be viewable to mobile audiences as well? Davrack is fully responsive and shows up perfectly on tablets and smartphones. Davrack goes the extra mile in responsiveness by creating small versions of images for mobile browsers. Smaller images equals a shorter load time for mobile users. Davrack’s ratings on both Yslow and Google Speed are very high as a result of its responsiveness. Davrack comes with its own administration panel which allows users to customize the theme in any of 150 ways. There are sliders for the homepage that will allow you to display your media with no trouble. Visitors to your site will get a professional-looking theme with an orderly and uncluttered layout that will perfectly display your content. This ultra-adaptable and feature-packed WordPress corporate theme is perfect for everything from the website of a band to that of a resort hotel.

Venture - Responsive WordPress Theme
2. Venture

The goal of the corporate WP theme is to present information in a no-frills, straightforward way. The Venture theme is clean and simple, but comes with many features invaluable to any business-oriented website. The sharp, clutter-free layout ensures that the content will remain front and center and that navigation will be simple for visitors. The Venture WordPress theme is also fully responsive thus it may be browsed on a wide range of mobile devices. Thanks to the built-in color-picker Venture theme is easy to modify, you can change the colors with a single click. It is also useful when it comes to media. Want video content on your site? You get the option of using popular video hosts like YouTube or Vimeo, or you can choose to host your own content. The homepage slider allows you to add as many slides as you like, and you will be able to include captions and links with them as well. The slider is designed to work well with the touchscreens on smartphones and tablet computers. The simplicity of the theme makes it perfect for any enterprise that wants to provide information on a product or service like a real estate broker or even a travel agent.

Viverra - Business WordPress Theme
3. Viverra

This WordPress business theme provides a striking platform for displaying visual media. It is perfect for all types of creative professionals, especially those whose work involves photography and creating visual art. The layout is simple and comes with the features you need to ensure that visitors on your site are able to fully experience your content. The Viverra WordPress theme is not only responsive, but it can be easily customized as well. Users get unlimited layout options and can even create their own customized look right from Viverra’s built-in control panel. The gallery that comes with the theme is also responsive, and is therefore fully functional on the vast majority of mobile devices. Even the sliders are responsive, and work well with touchscreens. Viverra comes with its own installer so that users who want a setup that is simple and fast can get Viverra up and running in a few clicks. There is a slider manager that makes uploading and inserting your own content easier, and it allows you to control aspects such as the length of time each slide stays on the screen.

Teach - Flexible Business WP Template
4. Teach

This is a premium WP corporate template for those who want to give their website a clean, state-of-the-art feel. Teach gives an impression of being made for modern users and so is suitable for tech-related businesses for anyone who wants their site to stand out to an Internet-savvy audience. Teach was designed using HTML5 and CSS3, it includes its own set of widgets including ones that let you show off your Flickr Photostream and another that allows you to display a live Twitter feed. Aside from that, you will not need to worry about SEO as Teach comes with an SEO builder that is designed to help your site rank well in search engine results with a minimum of tweaking. You get a choice between two color schemes (light and dark) and you can install your own images for the background to your pages. You can also monetize your site with the advertising widgets provided.

Magasin - Responsive Business WP Theme
5. Magasin

This classy, simple WordPress theme is designed to showcase a variety of different content-types and can be used for a standard business website or to display visual media for creative professionals. The Magasin WordPress theme manages to be businesslike while having enough flexibility to be used in a variety of industries. A studio photographer’s content would look as much at home in the Magasin theme as that of a retail clothing boutique. The layout will work with a variety of mobile devices and this theme may be used with any version of WordPress from 3 upwards. You may use any of 40 included background patterns on your website. You also get three layout options for how you want to display your content; you can go with left or right sidebars or opt for no sidebar at all so that your content takes up the whole width of the screen. It is possible to SEO the website via the theme’s control panel. The custom widgets that come with Magasin include an Instagram feed widget, a Flickr Photostream widget and a Twitter feed widget. As a result, you should have no trouble at all integrating your Magasin-themed website with social networking accounts.

Shepard - Responsive Corporate Theme
6. Shepard

One of Shepard’s main benefits is its use of HTML5 microformats to help boost search engine rankings. This feature uses each tag and category on your site to help your content get indexed by Google and Bing. Aside from that, you get a professional-looking theme that balances elegance and functionality to ensure that your content is properly presented to your visitors. The Shepard WordPress theme is well suited to both text content and visual media and can help give an air of professionalism to a small business website or to that of a larger corporation. There is a slider manager that you can use to upload and caption your slides easily. You can even sort slides by dragging and dropping. One way to hold visitors on your site is to have some kind of poll or questionnaire. With Shepard, implementing this kind of content is simple and quick. You can also build your own forms right in Shepard’s built-in form builder. This theme comes with multiple options for you to style your site and your visitors can browse from a variety of different mobile devices and still get the same experience as someone surfing on a desktop. You will have support forums available to you if you encounter any difficulties installing or using it.

Nexus - Responsive Business WP Theme
7. Nexus

It is expected that more than half of all internet traffic in the next few years will be via mobile devices. This means that having a completely responsive framework for your site is crucial to getting the most out of your content. The Nexus WordPress theme offers this in a neat, modern interface that offers you tons of options when it comes to publishing news. The tidy simplicity of the theme helps visitors to navigate through the pages with ease and allows your content to be the star of the show. It could be used for everything from selling car insurance to showcasing art. The theme comes with multiple layouts so that you are not limited to one type of look for all your content. You can change up the appearance from page to page if you desire. Users get multiple skins so that they can adapt the theme to their own tastes, and tying in a website to social networking profiles is made easier by the inclusion of social links in the header section. The theme also allows you to use any Google fonts you want and not only does Nexus look the same on multiple mobile devices; it works perfectly with all the major desktop browsers (Chrome, Opera etc.) as well. The initial install is also a simple procedure that takes only a few clicks.

OMNI - Widescreen Business Theme

Without any customization, OMNI is pretty simple to look at. You could even call it “minimalist”. The theme is good to go for those who want their content shine with no distractions. The simple default layout makes OMNI excellent for showing off photography and video, thus making it perfect for use as a portfolio theme. The simplicity does not mean that the OMNI WordPress theme is lacking in features, however. You get a variety of ways to customize how your content is displayed. One of the main features is the ability to rearrange or “stack” content as you like. This means that the layouts may be organized differently for each page. Further adding to its usefulness for showcasing portfolios, OMNI comes with flexible galleries so that you can use to display a large number of images, another feature useful to professional photographers. Want fonts? You get all the Google fonts, wrapped in a professional, low-key package that will look the same on pretty much every mobile device. The slider works with mobile touchscreens as well.

Windoo - Responsive Theme
9. Windoo

When you launch your site, you want to get as much traffic as possible from as many sources as possible. Windoo helps you to capitalize on the trend of increasing mobile traffic. It is fully responsive with automatic image resizing. Aside from providing a clutter free and easy-to-navigate layout, the Windoo WordPress theme will give your site the look of subdued elegance that people expect from a business website. The theme is easy to customize so that you can alter the look to suit your tastes and your content. Among the features that will help you to modify the theme are the home templates that are included. If you want make some money on your website, there is a widget for ads. Your Flickr Photostream and your Twitter feed both have their own widgets as well.

Mentor - Premium HTML5 WordPress Corporate Theme
10. Mentor

The Mentor WordPress business theme is designed to make customization easy. The theme itself is simple and may be adapted for any type of professional content. It does have many features for the display of visual media which makes it perfect for photographers and artists or for a retailer to show off its inventory to potential customers. The theme is responsive, as is its carousel and lightbox, therefore mobile users are not limited in any way in their ability to experience the content. There are three skins available, so that a business can adjust their site’s look to whatever best suits the content. There is an admin panel that you can customize with your own logo as well, so that your clients are constantly reminded of your brand.

Marvel - SEO Responsive Business Theme
11. Marvel

For most website owners, the main goal is to attain a high rank in the search engines. High rank means more traffic and more traffic usually equates to more money. The Marvel WordPress theme is especially well equipped for that purpose and comes with SEO features that allow you to define title and Meta description formats among other useful functions. This feature is optional in that it may be turned off if you plan on using something else for the same purpose. Formatting your data on the page is also important as you will want it to be readable and easy to scan for your audience. Marvel makes it easy to arrange layouts of your content, allowing you to add a variety of elements to your page, ranging from tool tips and progress bars to Tweetmeme buttons and Facebook like buttons. While Marvel does have a powerful backend, the front end is also impressive as it shows the clean, conservative lines of a website designed by professionals for professionals. This layout can be configured to your liking with any of the 37 skins that come with the theme, or by you uploading your own images.

Passion - Reloaded WP Corporate Template
12. Passion

Need to get your website up and running but are unsure of how you want to format your content? Some users may not know what look best suits their particular type of website. Passion comes with a variety of preloaded layouts to help you solve this problem. The layouts are sorted according to the type of organization using it, so that there are options for retail sites and environmental websites; there is even a layout specifically for church websites. This makes the passion WordPress theme extremely easy to modify, even for those with limited technical knowledge. Choose your layout and you get further styling options in the form of the different color schemes and 182 different backgrounds, all of which come included. Aside from that, you can display your content via unlimited sliders and drag and drop content on a page to get the layout that you want.

Cosmopolitan - HTML5 business wordpress theme
13. Cosmopolitan

This business WordPress theme’s dramatic, modern look is designed for use both on a business website and for the portfolios of creative professionals like photographer’s and fashion designers. The upscale look may also be suitable for a clothing store’s website or a fashion blog. You get two versions to choose from, and nine color variations that you can use to further customize your site. Also, you get 16 page templates and more than 200 font options. You can configure the Cosmopolitan WordPress theme from its own admin panel. Installing the theme is made simple with the inclusion of thorough and extensive documentation that covers all aspects of using it.

Allure - Professional WordPress Theme
14. Allure

SEO is a priority with the Allure WordPress theme which is designed to get your website crawled and indexed by search engine spiders. The included scripts within the theme’s source code apply context to the links in your content and to your images as well. These features make it useful for marketers and others who depend on search engine rank for the bulk of their income. Allure’s flashy, attention-getting layout ensures that your website will be noticed by human readers as well. The appearance is sleek and gives a website a professionally-designed, high-end feel suitable for everything from a travel website to makers of athletic equipment. The layout is designed to look as good on mobile devices as it does on a desktop. All images are fully responsive in that they are resized to work with mobile devices. Furthermore, the included color-picker allows you to change the colors to whatever you want and you can upload your own images to be used as backgrounds.

Area53 - Responsive HTML5 WordPress Theme
15. Area53

Written in HTML5 and with some CSS3 touches, Area53 is designed for easy set up and to give your website a professional, yet distinctive look. It could be used for everything from a restaurant website to one for a travel agent. Also factored in is the importance of SEO with such things as sidebar placement and headings being used to determine what gets crawled first by search engines. The Area53 WordPress theme looks equally good on all major browsers and mobile devices. You get a color picker to allow you to choose whatever color schemes you want for your layout and you can set each menu item to be a different color if you wish. Also included are an image slider and a sidebar that you can modify to suit each page as you like. You can create, import and export page templates for use on other pages and even on other Area53 installations.

Choices - Responsive Business Theme
16. Choices

The choices theme is a minimalist WP theme aimed at businesses and for use on a portfolio site. This theme will let your content stand out, but also comes with a bunch of useful features on the backend. Written in HTML5, the Choices WordPress theme gives users many ways to customize the platform on which they will display their content. For example, it is possible to user either the skin options that come with it, or you can use the color and background switcher to alter your theme and give it a more distinctive look. Choices is also designed to help you with your SEO by managing your headline formatting and linking to content within your site. Both of these techniques will help you build ranking in search engine results and your business’s customer base as well. You get several custom widgets, including one for Twitter, and another that will show the newest items in your portfolio.

Energetic - Responsive WP Theme
17. Energetic

The Energetic WordPress theme is a simple and elegant multipurpose package that can easily be adapted to suit a variety of different purposes, ranging from the website of a small business to marketing a product on the web. The neatness and simplicity ensures ease of moving around the site and allows for distraction-free viewing of the content. This responsive theme allows you to customize various aspects of its appearance without needing any technical knowledge. It is possible to change the colors of text, the background and links using its built-in color picker. It includes two sliders on the home page and eight custom widgets, including ones for twitter, Flickr and Google maps. Because of the positioning of the main content block, it gets crawled by search engines before any other content; this helps your site to rank better in search engine results.

LikeThis WordPress Theme
18. LikeThis

With its clean and uncluttered interface, LikeThis offers your visitors simple navigation and a more formal, elegant setting for your content. If you like themes with color pickers that allow you to adapt your color schemes to your own tastes, take note that this theme has 30 of them. From your color settings page, you can modify all the colors on your site to precisely what you want. The jQuery-powered LikeThis WordPress theme is perfect for a small business or to be used to showcase a portfolio. You get seven options ranging from a standard (text) blog post to video and an image gallery. You also get to publish four types of portfolio items, including an image gallery and video. Slides for the slider may be sorted by dragging and dropping. Your custom widgets include one for Twitter and another for Flickr.

UltraSharp - All Purpose WordPress Theme
19. Ultrasharp

Both the backend and frontend of the Ultrasharp WordPress theme have been specially designed to cater to the needs of both experts and novices. The theme is straightforward enough to be used for a corporate website and yet has enough flexibility to be used for a retail store’s site as well. Your visitors will be impressed by the AJAX search feature and you will be impressed by this theme’s ease of customization. Inserting your own logo is simple enough for the most basic WordPress users as is changing the color scheme. With Ultrasharp you get an unlimited number of sidebars and 21 different color schemes so that you can change your site’s appearance in a few clicks. There are lots of Google fonts available if you want to change your typography as well. If you need help with any part of using the Ultrasharp theme, the makers offer lighting fast support via iMessage.

CleanLook - Premium WordPress Theme
20. CleanLook

Showcase your portfolio or your store’s inventory with the CleanLook WordPress theme. This theme is specially designed to offer your visitors a neat and orderly view of what you have to offer. Those who choose to use CleanLook to show off their work, get multiple portfolios with which to do it, the theme also comes with four sliders and 11 page templates which may also be used to display work. Included is a widget for Google Maps, and you can implement overlays and tooltips to help you inform your visitors. CleanLook’s 10 skins and style generator will help you make the theme look exactly how you want it to, and the thorough documentation provided with it will enable you to get it working on your site with no trouble.

Cardamon WP - Multipurpose WP Theme
21. Cardamon

Want a clean, sharp simple theme that is versatile enough to be used on almost any kind of business website? The Cardamon WP theme provides all that with its ten professional-looking styles that can suit any type of enterprise, from a clinic to a tattoo shop. This theme communicates your message in a straightforward manner so that visitors will get your brand’s message instantly. The styles may all be adapted to suit your industry and may even be used for restaurant website, beauty salons and more. A business owner may not have time to tweak and configure a WordPress theme or to learn a complicated set of instructions or features. Cardamon comes with a simple installation procedure and technical support that aims to fix all problems within 24 hours.

Design Theory - Business WordPress Theme
22. Design Theory

If getting indexed and ranking higher in search engine results is a part of your business plan, then Design Theory can help you do it. The design is clean and instantly provides your content with a classic, businesslike look. A homepage slider can show off your image content while the included voting plug-in allows visitors to rate your posts, which may include items you have for sale. The layout adapts perfectly to any screen size and therefore may be viewed on the majority of mobile devices, like Android phones and iPads. The post pagination feature and advanced search allow your visitors to find anything they are looking for on your website and the theme options panel allows you to give content your own style. The integrated Google Maps allows you to point your visitors to your location clearly and precisely. The Design Theory WordPress theme also comes with multiple custom page templates and unlimited custom post types.

Intent - Business & Portfolio WP Theme
23. Intent

With multiple post options, blog layouts and slider layouts, Intent is a flexible and easily customizable WordPress theme for displaying your creativity to the world. This theme is optimized to help your site get indexed by search engines and comes with navigational tools like a breadcrumbs module and a dropdown menu on the front page. This theme can be used for everything from showcasing artwork for a professional graphic artist or tattoo shop, to publishing information about an upcoming event. It can be customized with unlimited color scheme options and by uploading your logo and favicon via the built in uploader. Other features include a slider in the header that can be used to display content that you want to bring to the attention of your visitors.

Intuition - Responsive WordPress Business Theme
24. Intuition

When launching a business website, it helps to have a professional image, and having an efficient, clean-looking website can do that. The Intuition WordPress theme can help you to create that image. It is clean and clutter-free but still offers all the functionality that a modern business can demand. You get multiple options for how you want your site to look as well as responsiveness. Intuition is optimized for search engines and has multiple ways to modify its appearance like multiple backgrounds and a slider that also works on mobile touchscreens. The classic styling is perfect for a law firm or real estate broker.

The Firm - Company WordPress Theme
25. The Firm

This corporate theme is designed for the owner of a small business or other busy individual who wants something they can set up quickly and that gives them a professional-looking website. The Firm’s simple admin panel can give you a themed website in as little as five minutes. It is sleek and modern without being cluttered and will give your website the forthright image that any serious business wants to have. Because it uses jQuery and HTML5, the Firm is lightweight and fast which is a benefit to your visitors and can also help to improve your site’s search engine rank. You will get a “drop up” menu in the footer along with social networking buttons. For help with installation there are videos that will walk you through the whole process of using The Firm on your WordPress corporate themed website.