20 video background WordPress themes and website templates

A year and a half ago a new technique was embraced by more and more web designers. It’s about using video backgrounds and nowadays this has become something common. The clients and Internet users were impressed by them, which is why today we have a constant rise of this kind of websites.
Using videos seems simple and effective, but the reality is a little bit different. There are some factors that must be taken into account. Firstly, one has to deal with the file size because if this is too large, it may take ages to load and as you all know the Internet users are the most impatient beings. Secondly, the video may distract people from the content. Consequently, choosing the video isn’t a simple task, it must match both the content and the website style. Thirdly, a video background may negatively affect the user experience; for example, it’s difficult to place the navigational menu in order not to hurt the video.
In spite of these major issues, video background websites are appreciated and surely the designers will find even better solutions. If you aren’t convinced about the mighty power of video background, we have collected 20 awesome WordPress themes and website templates based on this kind of background.


Many developers claim that their themes are multipurpose, but in fact just a slight part of them really are. Elano is a great example that will prove what a multipurpose theme is; anyone who uses this theme has in fact eight different layouts. It may be used for portfolios, creative agencies or shops, but also for other kind of projects. It contains a drag and drop page builder, therefore the user has all it takes to create a wonderful website.


We live and work in urban communities and from time to time a small break from this environment is pure gold. Equally is designed for creative agencies or for business purposes and the video background is exhibiting a natural landscape that has the purpose to relax the viewers. It is definitely, a smart idea, but if you do not agree with it, you may replace the video.


The ideas of adding videos depicting images from nature is common because in this way the users are better connected with the website. Folix is another theme that uses a video background that exhibits some great landscapes. However, it has other features that should make you interested in it, such as custom header, footer and sidebar, shortcode generator, filterable portfolio or pie chart skills. It is pretty interesting, isn’t it?


Oswald is a very good looking WordPress theme that is suitable for portfolios. Besides the nice video background, the users will be satisfied with the very readable and pleasant fonts, the smart use of negative space and with the creative vertical timeline.


Oxygen is a Bootstrap based theme that is created to express good taste, modernism and luxury. This being said, its video background emphasizes exactly these features.


Swagger is a theme for e-commerce activities and its video background is the most interesting one from this list. I thought it would be a good idea to use a video to present the products, but instead this video it’s full of attitude and good taste. I guess that it’s better to check it yourself and use the comment form to let us know your impression.


Full-screen background videos are cool and the items that were listed above are only just a few examples. Still, as everything in life, it can’t be 100% positive. One of the most important downside is the UX- we, the designers instantly understand how to get to the next page or to achieve what we want, but I very much doubt it that all the average users will know how to navigate to the desired webpage. Anyway, the theme is wonderful and it deserves your attention.


Modernism and dynamism are two must-have features of a creative agency portfolio. Crystal is a theme built having these features in mind and the background video emphasizes this fact by presenting a group of people walking in a big city.


North is a complex theme that comes in no more than 14 versions, including a video background one. The user has the possibility to adjust the pages using a powerful page builder; therefore it’s impossible not to be satisfied with this theme.


A creative agency must be as original as possible in order to attract people. Reflex is a theme that offers an original and eye-catching solution: an abstract video background and some very motivating slogans. If you aren’t content with this solution, you have other seven different versions of this theme!


T.Joy is a theme dedicated to astronomy projects, but it can be customized for a large variety of programs. I like the background video very much (it presents three videos from space) and I also believe that the sliders and the animation effects are extremely cool. So if you are interested in it, please check the preview. It will surely captivate you.


I have no doubt that Thrill is the perfect page for those who love white space. The entire website is based only on white background, except the homepage where a video showcasing hibernal landscapes works as a background. The excessive use of white gives this theme a special elegancy and you should definitely take advantage of it!


Eight is a very complex website template: it has 8 beautiful homepages for two demo modes: for photographers and for creative agencies. Of course, there is also a homepage having a video background. It’s responsive and simple and it allows the viewer to focus on the items mentioned in the portfolio. So, this way you have a bigger chance of getting contacted.


The video background of Defrag is black and white, but in spite of the lack of colors, it gives a very dynamic aspect to the website. The video is only a teaser, because the entire template is really nice and it’s very suitable for any kind of modern online presence.


If you need a modern website template, but you don’t like the previous one, then Standalone is another solution. It’s a single page template that matches agency or business projects, whose core values are the high quality, modernism and dynamism.


Flipping is a website that may be characterized by having a strong and interesting contrast. I like very much the idea of combining webpages based on dark colors with those focused on white shades. Also, the white-black and yellow combination assures the most powerful contrast. Flipping is responsive and by taking into account the strong contrast it’s pretty clear that mobile users won’t encounter problems when visiting the website.


This website template perfectly matches a creative agency or a freelancer that loves the minimalistic approach. Even though the template is minimalistic, the customization options are almost endless and every user may fully express his/her style and ideas.


Elegance will captivate all the users with the unique slide of the navigational menu. Of course, there are many other features that are interesting, such as its 10 home variants. At the same time, this is responsive and retina ready, it has unlimited colors, free support and 35+ PDF pages of manual support.


Phoenix is a very complex website template that offers two variants of website: one single page or a multipage one. It’s build on Bootstrap 3, so it’s responsive and retina ready. The creators of the templates really paid attention to all the details, from animated counters and progress bars to 404 webpage and portfolio filtering.



Traveler isn’t suitable for a large area of projects like the themes and website templates mentioned above, but it’s perfect for travelling schemes. It has everything a website needs, in order to be appreciated by travelers. The video background exhibits various places, the whether widget will let you know whether you should wear warm clothes or not, the testimonials are written by other travelers, while the top destinations may give you a precious hint about what’s worth visiting. So, it’s a pretty interesting template, isn’t it?
I hope that these themes and templates convinced you that a background video may work as a magnet for some Internet users. Therefore, it’s a pity not to benefit from this situation. Do you like video backgrounds? Please let us know your opinion by using the comment form and get in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter.