20 New Best Magento Themes for 2012

Magento was launched in early 2008 as an open source ecommerce web application, and has since grown like wild fire in the ecommerce world. It was built upon the Zend Framework, but the only free version is the Magento Community Edition. Part of the strength of Magento is the adaptability via extensions. It is a very powerful ecommerce solution and here are some of the best Magento themes for 2012:

Kemper - Clean Magento Theme
1. Kemper

No matter what kind of product you sell online, you will want a clean and uncluttered interface with which to do it. The Kemper Magento template provides this along with multiple features to make for a more efficient, smoother selling process. Among the various features is the option to shop by brand; there are also social network links on the product option pages that shoppers can use to share links to your products. Also, the pages are optimized to load quickly, thus providing a frustration-free experience for your store’s visitors. Of course, when looking at images of your products, those shopping on your site may want to see them in more detail; this great Magento theme allows them to zoom your images and see a larger version. The ability to select items and to check out quickly is crucial for an online store. Kemper is also built for fast loading, so that customers will not get frustrated with their experience and leave.

· Loads quickly

· Custom tabs on product pages

· “Just Arrived” AJAX product slider

GT Fazhions Magento Theme
2. GT Fazhionis

The look of the GT Fazhionis e-commerce theme is elegant and understated. This template was designed with online clothing retailers in mind but it is flexible enough to be used for any kind of product. It offers multiple skins that can complement your inventory so you have a variety of ways to show off what you have in stock. This comes with links to enable social sharing as well as a media widget so that you can show video to your shoppers. Aside from that you get a slideshow widget and the ability to use custom HTML. With GT Fazhionis you get dropdown blocks for your shopping cart, a menu with multiple columns and a grid that you can customize with up to four columns on each row. There is also a live chat block so that your customers can ask questions in real time. You get the ability to adjust the size of your product images, and your customers can navigate to the next item without returning the listing page.

· Google webfonts

· Slideshow widget

· Live chat

Monchy - Magento fashion theme
3. Monchy Fashion Store

Using an interface that is cluttered or confusing can discourage shoppers from buying your goods. The Monchy Fashion Store’s interface is designed to showcase your products clearly and with no navigation problems for your customers. The product zoom allows items to be viewed in more detail, and the bestseller and banner sliders allow you to integrate graphics into your ecommerce store in an attention-getting way. Customers get a currency selector and a quick login option to help make transactions speedy and simple. Communicating with customers is an important part of eCommerce; the chat block that comes with Monchy Magento fashion theme allows customers to ask questions and receive answers live. The ability to have this kind of interaction with a merchant helps to build a base of repeat customers. You get to add video to your products and to show your customers which products are new or on sale with the use of badges. Customers have the tools to easily share your merchandise with their social network contacts via the social network links, including links from both twitter and Facebook. You can also display your bestselling products and testimonials via sliders designed for those purposes.

· Static blocks for promotion

· Lightbox product zoom

· Sidebar custom links

· Brands on product details pages

Modus - Magento Theme
4. Modus

You will want your store to stand out from all the other stores and reflect your tastes. One way to accomplish this is by using the unlimited color choices you get with the Modus Magento template. The theme options module that comes with Modus allows you to change up 40 aspects of your ecommerce website’s appearance. The aspects include fonts, logos and background patterns. You can adjust the overall layout of your pages and even show the products you sell via customizable sliders. You can customize your store even further with the use of Google fonts, and Modus provides all of them. The 960 grid system that was used to design Modus allows you to display your content in up to 12 columns per row. You get a slider in the header section with a variety of different effects and SVN integration so that you can get updates without altering the look or functionality of your web-store.

· Grid 960 System

· Cloud zoom integration

· Unlimited colors

· Fancybox

Klassik - Magento 2012 Theme
5. Klassik

Klassik provides visitors with a nicely organized layout and big images to better represent your product. Klassik is perfect for an online store that sells clothing, but you can modify it to sell any type of product. You get attention-grabbing banners and a variety of features like multiple color schemes and the related products sliders. You can even decide whether you want your drop down menu to display in one or more columns. Shoppers who want to share your products with their social network circles can do so with Klassik’s social links, and the template comes with a nicely designed set that fits in perfectly with the look and layout. You get a slider that you can use to interest customers with other products on your site, you also get two different styles of navigation menu. The whole package is optimized to give you better rankings in the search engine results pages, and you get detailed documentation to help you get it set up.

· Banners on category page

· Navigation menu options

· Products slider for upselling

Response - Mobile responsive Magento Theme
6. Response

As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, it is expected that mobile shopping will grow as well. What you need is a Magento e-commerce theme that provides the same experience no matter what device the visitor uses, and that is available in the appropriately named Response. Aside from allowing shoppers to buy from you via both Windows and Android devices, the Response Magento template also comes with a host of features including search engine optimization and the ability to publish a newsletter should your customers want regular news about what you sell. Response is perfect for a clothing retailer but may be adapted to suit any kind of inventory. The theme is designed to be simple so that it can be modified for any kind of ecommerce website, also so that it can be used as the basis for other Magento projects or used with Magento extensions. Aside from being responsive, it is also optimized to help your website rank well in search engine results.

· Footer area can be customized

· Newsletter functionality

· Fully responsive

Boot - Magento Shoe Theme
7. Boot

As the name suggests, the Boot Magento template is best suited for an online store selling footwear; however, it is flexible enough to be used for any kind of retail website and comes with a customization template to allow it to be modified however you see fit. You can instantly get your customers’ interest with the featured products display on your homepage, and enhance the speed of their shopping with the drop-down cart. Boot’s slideshow comes with its own control panel so that you can modify effects and transition to whatever bests fits your product. Not a technical person? Boot comes with a thorough user guide and helpful customer service to ensure that you are able to get your store going as quickly as possible.

· Thumbnail product scroller

· Works in all major browsers

· Image size editing on product details page

Mix Store Magento Template
8. Mix Store

While the Mix Store Magento template is optimized for technology oriented online stores, it is also easy to customize so that you can use it to sell any type of product. The colors and the background pictures are all easy to change, and it comes with multiple menu options so that you can customize the experience of visitors to your ecommerce website. New products may be featured right on the homepage, and you get to control how your slideshow banner operates via the template’s powerful administration module. You get thumbnail scrollers on your product pages to show off other items you have in stock, as well as a tutorial and thorough installation and user guide can help you get it going.

· Thumbnail scroller for product images

· Lightbox

· Featured product Magento extensions

House Store - Magento Template
9. House Store

As the name of the theme suggests, this theme is best suited for a house store, but it may also be used to showcase electronics like mobile phones and other gadgets. It is designed for simplicity of use and to be easily adapted to suit whatever kind of products your store sells. The colors on your store and the background are both easy to modify, and the theme comes with an admin module that makes implementing all of your customizations easy. Additionally, it comes with an extensive set of help files to make setting it up easy. You get a featured products slider that you can use to highlight products of your choosing. You also get cloud zoom, instead of standard zoom for your product images, and lightbox. You can also be assured that your website will work perfectly no matter which of the major browsers your visitors are using.

· Simple dropdown cart

· Cloud zoom

· Multiple vertical menu options

Chocolat - Flexible Magento Theme
10. Chocolat

No one wants to spend hours installing and customizing their Magento template. Most store-owners would rather be making money. Chocolat allows you to get your template installed and looking the way you want it to quickly and with no frustration. This is on top of the broad array of features that allow for a better shopping experience for your customers and higher sales as a result. Chocolat is versatile enough to be used for any kind of product from baby products to cakes and is designed to make adapting it easy. What about up-selling? Getting your shoppers to look at related items is simple with the Chocolat Magento template as it comes with block specifically so that you can encourage your store’s visitors to look at other products you have in stock. Customizing your site can be done quickly, and Chocolat gives you an endless variety of colors with which to do it. You have full control over the slideshow, including transitions and speeds. There is also a static block that you can use to upload your logo image without having to use FTP.

· Lots of static CMS blocks

· “Sale” and “New” labels on product details pages

· Box for Latest Tweets or Facebook fans

· Google fonts

Book Store Magento Theme
11. Book Store

This Magento template is designed to fit your online book store perfectly, but may be adapted to fit a furniture or electronics store or any other kind of web-store. Navigation with the Book Store Magento Template is easy as it comes with various menu-styles (accordion, dropdown or tree), and users are able to get a closer look at products with the image zoom feature. The shopping cart in the sidebar is another component of this template in that makes transactions easier, and the Book Stores homepage slider makes your products the center of attention. On the backend, you get full control over how the theme looks and functions via its administration panels.

· Compatible with all major browsers’

· Sample database included

· Installation tutorial

App Store Magento Template
12. App Store

Smartphones are becoming a regular part of life for many people; if you decide to capitalize on the market and build a Magento apps store, the App Store Magento template is what you need. The App Store template may be designed with apps in mind, but it can be adapted to a website selling all types of electronic devices and gadgets. The layout is modern and efficient, and gives you several options for your vertical menu, as well as features like a thumbnail scroller on the product page. Your visitors also get to see and select from among the products displayed on your “related products” block. If you need help to get it installed, that is provided with the extensive documentation and the help files included in the installation package.

· Dropdown, accordion and tree options for vertical menu

· Thumbnail product scroller

· Size editing for product images

Kassidi - Magento HTML5 Theme
13. Kassidi

While being perfect for a website that sells clothing, The Kassidi Magento template may also be used for other types of retail as well. For displaying your images in a dramatic and attention-getting fashion, you get Fancybox which is an alternative to lightbox. Kassidi is built with a 960 grid system for more columns, also used are HTML5 and CSS3. The result is a template with a smooth and stylish feel for visitors, giving your store the impression of being state of the art and professional. In addition to being able to up-sell with a related products section, you also get predefined static blocks, such as one for your product description. The grid system used to create the Kassidi Magento theme offers you options for how many columns you want your layout to have, thereby giving you even more control over the look of your Internet store. It also comes with SVN integration making updates to the theme simple and reducing any problems updating may cause to the look and functionality of your site.

· Grid 960 system

· HTML 5 markup

· SVN update system

Accessories Magento Theme - MT Beca
14. MT Beca

When visitors come to your site, you want them to be instantly captivated by your product and not distracted by frustrating navigation. The minimalist MT Beca Magento template gives you this with a homepage slideshow guaranteed to display your content in such a way that it captures your customers’ interest. It also gives you a thumbnail product scroller to help them look through the items you have on hand. You get to make your online store look slick and professional with thumbnail product scrollers on your product pages; your visitors will find that your online store works well on all of the major browsers. The simplicity of the MT Beca template means that it can be modified to suit your store no matter what type of product you sell.

· Mega Menus extension support

· MT slideshow

· Compatible with all major browsers

Pandora - Magento Theme
15. Pandora

This Magento template can give a site a tasteful, reserved look that is suited to high end products and can be used to showcase everything from expensive furniture to designer clothing. Pandora also offers flexibility, and comes with many tools for you to give your customers the shopping experience that will make them want to come back for more. With the Pandora Magento template, you will have the ability to move your sidebar, display related products and provide shoppers with a wishlist so that they can bookmark items for another time. You get an admin panel that allows you to enable or disable blocks in the sidebar. You can show your merchandise in a grid, list or slider; you are also able to set the number of columns in your grid, the number of items in your list and vary the view-lengths and slide numbers in your slider. You can make all of these changes without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

· Wishlist slider

· Easy-to-modify sidebar

· Theme options module

Blanco - Magento Template
16. Blanco

Adapting and customizing the look of your website is easy with the Blanco Magento template, one of the best Magento themes. It provides shoppers with a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. It is geared towards fashion boutiques and other clothing stores, but includes a number of features for easy alteration so that you can get it to work with any type of content. The features that will impress your customers include a slideshow that is designed to work well on touchscreen devices and a slider on the front page for new products or products that you have on sale. You can add brand logos to the product pages as well, and static links in the footer. You can change the color scheme of your template and choose whether or not to use a product scrollbar, social bookmarking links and a back-to-top button; all of this can be done from Blanco’s admin panel. Blanco is designed to load quickly so that users on slow connections will not get frustrated with the speed of navigating through the pages on your site. There is a dropdown menu to aid navigation and an AJAX cart for easier shopping.

· Customizable template color scheme

· Sliders for new items or items on sale

· Two menu-style options

· Slider for related products

Moonshop - Magento Them
17. Moonshop

Moonshop is a clutter-free and well organized template for your Magento online store. Shoppers who come to your ecommerce site will find no trouble at all navigating and you will have an easy time creating a comfortable shopping experience for them. Moonshop’s theme options module allows you to enable or disable the blocks in the sidebar and also change the background pattern and fonts. You can change how the shopping cart is displayed and also choose between two different types of grid layout. You have different options for your menus, currency and the format for displaying wishlists.

· Customizable sidebar

· Social links

· Tabs widget

MT Kimba - Magento Template
18. MT Kimba

Designed with ease of navigation in mind, MT Kimba has a simple layout that will enable your customers to easily browse through the merchandise on your site. This Magento template has a sleek look that will provide the perfect backdrop for a sporting goods eCommerce website, but it provides a variety of customization options that you can use to sell any kind of product. The MT Kimba Magento template allows shoppers to create a wishlist, see other products in the store via a thumbnail scroller and also to share items with social network contacts using the links in the template’s social bookmarking section. This template supports both the mega menus Magento extension and the vertical scroller extension. The MT Kimba slider allows you to caption your slides and the package comes with an installation guide to help you get your store up and running quickly.

· Commented CSS and PHP code

· Vertical scroller extension support

· Thumbnail scroller extension support

Eat 24:7 - Magento Template
19. Eat 24/7

Eat 24/7 was designed to allow you to use it as a foundation for other Magento templates. This template is built to showcase food-related products and has a bold, attention-getting design to better highlight your merchandise. The Eat 24/7 Magento template is coded using HTML5 and the 960 grid system to provide you with up to 12 columns per row to display your inventory allowing for a super-flexible layout. The customizable sidebar, the slider module and the selection of widgets all come together to create a template that is easy to modify even if you are not a coder. With this template you get the option to show your customers different kinds of currency bars and language displays. You also get to use Fancybox to display your images. Eat 24/7 allows you to place social links in any page or static block on a site.

· Highly customizable slider

· 64 background patterns

· Two menu options

GT eStore Magento Theme
20. GT EStore

If you have a store that specializes in mobile phones or other electronic devices, then you will want a template that is designed specifically to showcase your product. The GT eStore Magento template was designed for this, though it does have enough flexibility to allow it to be used for other types of merchandise. GT eStore is optimized to help your ecommerce website rank higher in the search engine results and also has a slideshow that loads rapidly, improving the experience for your customers. You get up to three columns for your layout and shoppers can get a better look at your goods with the ability to zoom in on product images. You get to display elements of your product page in sliders and tabs with no coding ability necessary. You can display your product categories and wishlists as sliders as well. There is even a tabs widget that you can use to place as many as five tabs on any page or static block.

· Quick loading

· Valid HTML

· Three color options

There you have some of the best Magento templates for 2012 – enjoy and hopefully they help your eCommerce business grow exponentially in 2012 and beyond.


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