20 extremely useful plugins for an online store

Creating and maintaining an online store is a common but challenging activity. The Internet is a place for businesses and the online stores are the most obvious evidences. The statistics reveal that more and more entrepreneurs will invest in various online affairs. It means that the web designers must treat more seriously how to design websites particularized for e-commerce activities. Even though the ecommerce is a pretty new area, the www is full of online stores. The competition is very harsh and it’s extremely difficult to resist in such a “digital jungle”. Altogether, there are many entrepreneurs that have made substantial profits.
The success of an online store is dependent on two major facts: the prices & quality of the products sold and the design of the selling platform. While the prices and the quality of the products sold are the decision of the store owner, the design of the platform is debatable. A good design is subliminally associated with a reliable store and it significantly affects the profitability of it.
Of course, the design of any website must always be tweaked and we propose you 20 useful plugins for an online store that will enhance the experience of the potential buyers. No doubt, by installing these the profits will grew, therefore look closer to them!


First of all, a profitable online store must assure a pleasant environment for purchasers; they must have at hand every product. A good navigational menu is one of the most important factors that contributes to the easiness of finding the desired product. Zetta Menu is a great plugin that allows creating a mega menu that will be very useful for the clients.

FH Mega Menu

FH Mega Menu is another option for creating a complex navigational menu. The specificity of it is the concept behind- it’s created for handheld devices. It’s useless to mention that nowadays more and more people use handheld devices to access Internet, including online stores.

Percentage preloaders

All the buyers have a common feature: the lack of patience. In many cases, a single second makes a huge difference. Altogether, in order to convince people about the quality of the products are required high quality images which implies a longer uploading time. A good compromise solution is the use of creative preloaders as this plugin does.

Paypal Shopping Cart

An attractive shopping cart will make people use it, therefore the chances of having profits are increased. I appreciated very much this shopping cart, it’s simple, discrete and good looking!

Latest News

Latest News is a plugin that will help very much the store owners to display the latest discounts and offers. Definitely, it won’t annoy the viewers, because the animation options are truly eye-catching. In this way, even the more distracted users will notice the news and discounts.


Another modality of letting people finding out latest offers and discounts is the use of a news bar. JNewsbar is the perfect plugin for this thing and it may be fully tailored to the store owner requirements.

Glass Case

Glass Case is a very useful plugin for any type of online store. It offers tons of solutions for zooming the images. I recommend checking the preview offered by the creators to make your own opinion. It’s useless to mention how important is for a customer to have good zooming options- it’s an option that demonstrate the quality of the products.

Dramatic Zoom

This plugin is dedicated to create a better zooming experience too. Altogether, it stands apart comparing with other plugins; the zooming effects are really cool adding a plus of dynamism to the website.

Speedo Slider

Speedo Slider is a plugin that will captivate the attention of the purchasers. Once installed this plugin, the admin have the possibility of showcasing a collection of images (new products, discounted items, various news). The sliding effects are very interesting, so you should try it!


An original design for an online store is almost mandatory. If you want to have an original slider, then Pieces is a good solution. It contains tons of effects and all of them very original. I consider that this plugin is very suitable for stores selling tech products, auto items or gadgets.

Pinch Zoomer

The mobile users shouldn’t be ignored and this plugin is specially created for them. It’s touch enabled, but it also works when scrolling, so it may be used by the desktop users.


Making people curious is a trick that works in the area of ecommerce. This plugin creates a nice countdown and it may be used to inform people about your new promotional campaign. It’s good looking and surely some visitors will come back to see what’s new.

Led Time Panel

Led Time Panel is another countdown that will delight the viewers. It reminds of the huge neon banners from the cities. It’s a subtle effect that may subliminally influence the purchasers. Anyway, the overall design of the countdown is attractive!

Sky Forms Pro

Personally, I think that the users are afraid of completing forms. These items are “innocent” but make people run away. The main problem is that the user must take action to complete a form. It might be the laziness, the lack of trust or the designers must create better forms. A single thing is sure: by using this plugin, all your forms would look impressive.

Smart Forms

An online store owner must constantly impress the customers. Flat design is the hottest trend and it’s recommended adapting the online affair to this trend. Consequently, this plugin create wonderful flat forms. It has tons of options and surely some of the forms may be suitable for your store!

Sign In / Registration Form

This plugin creates very discrete and pleasant flat sign in/registration forms. These comes in two versions: normal and pop up. In fact, the forms has nothing special, but the good aesthetic and the discretion convinced me to add into this list.

Album Grid

Some entrepreneurs are more extravagant and prefer expressing their ideas into the design of the online stores. This plugin may be used to create an album grid with the images of the products. Check the preview offered by the plugin developer to see it in action!

Accordion slider

Accordion Slider is a plugin that without any doubt will impress the customers. The accordion sliders are modern and people like them, therefore this plugin is perfect for a modern store.

Hotspot Map

Hotspot Map is a plugin that may improve the relationship seller-client. By installing it, the user adds various notifications that are displayed when the client is hovering a specific zone of an image. It’s simple and effective!

Super Social Share

Super Social Share is a plugin that let the customer to share a specific page or a product. Social media and ecommerce are interconnected entities and any successful online store has a strong social media presence.

I hope that all these plugins will help you becoming more profitable; give them a try and you won’t waste your money. Do you have other plugins useful for online stores to share with us? Please let us know which your favorites are!