How to Set up a Free Website in 5 Steps

Most of us already have some sort of space on the web that we call our own, whether that be a social media profile or a personal blog. But what if you want to make the leap into running your own website without having to make any investments upfront. Well, you’ll be relieved to find […]


Things Successful Ecommerce Sites Need

E-Commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. We see companies like JC Penny’s that has revived itself from near despair, as they were most certainly knocking at the door to bankruptcy at one point. Now they are seeing their stock price soar, at least in comparison to its all time […]


Not Getting Results? 2 Tweaks To Make Your Website Better

You’re disappointed. You had high hopes of building a flourishing site, but things didn’t pan out as expected. It’s confusing too. After all, you followed the playbook on how to set up a successful site, content, and business model. You should have success because your research shows that your idea should do well. You also […]


Are web browsers the future of gaming?

Quality gaming has been synonymous with gaming consoles for a long time now. They have in fact dominated the gaming industry for the past four decades. The evolution of video gaming has taken place on consoles, growing from the laggy games with patchy graphics of yesteryear to the incredibly life-like virtual reality games available today. […]


How to know if your Child is being bullied online?

Cyber bullying is a major issue faced by teenagers these days. There is a lot of awareness among people regarding online connectivity and cyber bullying is the biggest factor in creating unsafe environment for children. Spying on your children is not bad because it enables you to know about them. It is feasible to get […]


Quick Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

A blog is a personal thing for many people, kind of like an online diary. It is a cathartic place to off-load and share difficult experiences with anonymous strangers. For other people, particularly businesses, creating and maintaining a blog is done purely for SEO purposes. But whatever your reasons for building a blog, without a […]


Why Businesses Are Opting for Responsive Web Designs for their Website

If you are running a business, you must be hearing a lot about responsive web designs lately. But what is a responsive web design and why is it so important for businesses online? With technological advancements, and through the introduction of smartphones and tablets, more and more audiences prefer browsing from their handy devices. These […]


Best WordPress Themes for Fundraising

The vast majority of charity and not-for-profit organizations rely on fundraising to achieve organizational goals: whether for individual events, to help fund programmes, or to help make individual impacts. But thanks to the popularization of venues like GoFundMe or Kickstarter, many individuals might find good cause to build a small website for fundraising. Schools with […]


Effective Ways To Use Content Marketing For Link Building Purposes

Content marketing is nowadays something that is really useful for business owners from all around the world. This is due to so many reasons, including the fact that it can generate links for a website. Most businessmen already know how valuable this is but do not use content marketing to generate those valuable links. A […]


Is It Time You Created Your Own E-Commerce Store Instead of Selling on Other Platforms?

If you run a business that involves selling products you make or source, whether they are your own designs or crafts, digital products you’ve created like software or e-books, or specialist products you supply as a niche retailer, you may find you can do pretty well just by having a store on another platform like […]


Comparing Website Builder Themes

There are many things to consider when selecting a website builder. Cost, usability, ease of customization, are all factors. But one of the most important things to consider is how good your website can look with the use of a website builder. Most website builders have anywhere from a few to thousands of themes to […]